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  1. Wheel Size

    Pitmonster very useful (link) cheers!
  2. Wheel Size

    I own a Ford Focus 2.0 Titatanium on an 05 plate, it has 205/50 R17s fitted. I am travelling to Germany in the new year and I'm going to buy some winter tyres and some steel rims. I've found some but they are 205/55 R16s and there will be a slight difference in the rolling circumfrance of 17mm! Does anyone know if this will affect anything? The spare is on a 16" steel rim but is a 125/85 R16 so I know that the rim will fit over the calipres etc.
  3. Yes both windows are intermittant from the drivers side and the nearside is doing the same when operated from the passenger's switch!
  4. Yes but like I said intermittant, I'm just wondering if the cold is having an effect but the back ones are fine!
  5. I own a 05 Ford Focus which has recently devoloped a fault with the front electric windows in that they work intermittently! I don't think it can be a loose connection as the fault also occurs when I operate the passenger door switch. Has anyone got any advice on what could be causing the problem? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. My wife owns a 04 Fiesta, just recently she has been expieriencing an intermitant fault when switching on the sterio! A loud clicking noise is heard coming from the dash for a couple of seconds then the music kicks in. I thought it might be a relay, anyone else had this problem?
  7. Fiesta MK6

    Sorted, it's a 75 BHP version, once again thanks to all for your assistance.
  8. Fiesta MK6

  9. Fiesta MK6

    No zilch, I thought there might have been something in the engine number to ID the type.
  10. Fiesta MK6

    Nope! In fact all it says in any of the docs is that it is a 1.25 no mention of BHP.
  11. Fiesta MK6

    The missus owns a 04 Fiesta MK6 1.25 LX, the Owner's Handbook states that there are two different power outputs - 70 and 75 BHP! How do I find out which one she has?
  12. My wife owns a 04 Mk6 Ford Fiesta, which has a 1.25 Duratec engine. I'm just wandering when the cam belt should be changed as the information in the 'Servicing and Guarentee Guide' is confusing! One other question does the cam belt drive the water pump on this engine?