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  1. Could really do with some help On this one guys I have a 2006 2.0tdci galaxy it's never been rite since the day I got it okay so this is what happens at random times. Driving along road does not matter what speed starts to lose power then sudden the engine cuts off sign on the dash engine malfunction . I try to restart the engine it seems to be turning over fine but will not start the engine I could do it 50 times the engine will still not start! I'm with AA so called them guys out the he could not start it he was there a few hours scratching his head. Anyways he took the air pipe of the air filter and sprayed some easy start while I turned the key engine did not sound good but it finally started. Sign on the dashboard gone and driving sweet once again. Now I have the car parked on the driveway because this happend more often and I had to spray down the pipe to get it going everytime. It would even happen when the car was stood still . Really don't know where to start on this one has anyone come across same problem could do with advice as I don't want to be fitting part after part only to find problem not gone away. Thanks
  2. Galaxy Tdci Starting/running Problem

    Hi Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  3. 56 Galaxy Not Starting

    Hi Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  4. Did the problem ever come back after you had the last fix?
  5. Did you ever resolve this problem ?
  6. Car Don`t Start!

    I think you defiantly needs a service after that many miles? What model is the galaxy and what year? Any signs or messages on the dashboard ?
  7. Hello Everyone

    Hi & hello everyone just purchased a Ford Galaxy 2.0TDCI love the car hate the problems that have come with it hope I can share and Learn from each other and help one another on this topic been allot of fun and games glad to be here many useful posts :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums bilals :)