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  1. Redex Fuel System Cleaner problems - diesel

    Hey Matt I've only just thought, I tend to turn my engine on, on my break at work when it's cold, so the mpg will drop, and I'm only driving in town traffic. At the moment I'm getting around 35mpg to a tank (which sucks). so I won't have a decent reading.
  2. Redex Fuel System Cleaner problems - diesel

    The redex came as a 4-shot bottle, so I wasn't supposed to add all of it in. I just couldn't be bothered putting a bit in at a time and I couldn't see what was left because the bottle is dark coloured. I lied the garage is actually 'Texaco'. Not sure which fuel to use to be honest, either the standard diesel, premium diesel or the supreme.....I'm guessing the first?
  3. Redex Fuel System Cleaner problems - diesel

    I'm not going to take the engine apart to place any additives in the injectors. I just don't have the tools, time or knowledge. But thanks for suggesting it. Yes it has an 'easy fill' fuel cap thingie lol.
  4. Redex Fuel System Cleaner problems - diesel

    Will do. First time using it. I've added most of the bottle (it does say to add it in whatever mills, but couldn't be bothered) in to a bit less than half a tank. When I need fuel again, I'll go to a BP garage instead of my usual Morrisons.
  5. I added some of Redex' Fuel Sytem Cleaner in my diesel fiesta 2010 and hell it's difficult not to get it everywhere! I threw it in the bin in frustration but I did manage to get some in the tank. Any tips on how to pour it in without spilling any?
  6. Washing car with water fed brush.

    Brush and sponge to clean the car? No way !!!! Wash mitt all the way !!
  7. What do you have ?

    Nothing and never will do anything to it
  8. V power nitro diesel?

    If you believe people that say v-power etc is worth it then good luck. In my last petrol fiesta, I used v-power very rarely. I didn't see any performance gains. I might try it in my current car, but I'm not in a rush...... I use Morrison's fuel, runs ok.
  9. Wax on glass

    I have decided not to buy from your website since I can get cheaper products. (I'm not spending my money on expensive things that I don't need since I've been looking for a job for 3 years)
  10. Beading Shots!

    Don't try to sell me stuff I don't want!!
  11. Beading Shots!

    No thanks. I have Meguiars Tech 2.0 paste that'll last me quite a few years
  12. Any computer geeks here ?

    There's a thread dedicated to gaming further down called 'Computing, Gaming and Geeky' :) I play on ETS2 (soon to be ATS on the 4th Feb), The Crew, DiRT Rally, Elite Dangerous, Cities Skylines, Fishing Planet and Rise of the Tomb Raider (when it releases on pc today) PS4 - mostly The Crew: Wild Run Edition, but also have LagOps 3 and NFS
  13. Beading Shots!

  14. Beading Shots!

    I've only used it this time because of the rainy weather we're having. It's just sitting in my wardrobe not doing anything. I normally use Meguiars NXT Gen. Tech Wax 2.0 paste. I actually washed my bedroom windows (outside) with it. Looks great!! Update: 28.01.16 - .....until evening came and it fogged up my bedroom windows inside..... won't be using that again haha
  15. Beading Shots!

    I'll try and take some shots of my car tomorrow. Sunday I washed the car and on Monday I decided to use Turtlewax Wash and Wax....The only thing is that I thought you just pour it over the car being 'wax', so I didn't rinse it off with clean water, I only dried the car after I poured it. lol Next time I'll actually wash the car and rinse it lol. Beading is still going strong, although I've only driven a few miles this week. First time I've used Turtlewax since I got it free at Halfords some 5 years ago.