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  1. Have a problem that's just become audible since Friday/Saturday gone. My 2009 Focus 1.8 TDCi 115 has developed a whine/siren like noise (also bit like a vaccum cleaner) when driving/revving the engine. Begins at roughly 1100revs up and beyond 2000, in the range that the Turbo would be spooling. Take foot off the throttle and it dies down. This happens at cold start and when the engine is warm. Few months ago, had the top intercooler pipe split which produced the 'whooshing' noise behind the dash, and replaced that pipe. There appears to be no other hose splits (that are visible) and no obvious oil spray anywhere. Took it to a local garage this morning, who said Turbo vanes/bearing straight away. Car is driving fine... no smoke, and no loss of power, unlike when the hose had split where the power was down. Problem is compounded as were are supposed to be away to the Lakes for 10 days at the weekend, and I'm now worried about whether its worth the risk to use the car. Been looking around the internet since this issue cropped up, and lot of the messages on various boards seem to be from a few years ago... so just hoping someone can offer some more up-to-date advice/comfort about this, and/or anything else to look for? Taking it back to the garage tomorrow, and they are going to take off the under-engine skid plate and check all lower hoses. Dad has also heard of a pipe/hose from the rear of the Turbo, which is hard to see, which they are also going to look for/check tomorrow. The car has been largely pain-free for the last 3 years... but had hoped to change it this time next year, but don't really want to be throwing money at it if possible. Cheers for any advice offered. MJ
  2. Rear Fog Lamp Not Working

    Just had a look at this again. Turns out it was slight corrosion on the wiring connector, that the bulb holder connects onto. Quick clean and spray with WD40 type fluid, and the lamp is now working. ....Just as all the Bl**dy fog has cleared up here! :P
  3. Rear Fog Lamp Not Working

    After a few foggy mornings, and having to use my fog lamps, have realised that my rear fog lamp isn't working. Fronts work fine, but not the rears. Have changed the bulb, and its not that, infact have tried 3 different new bulbs, and none of them worked. Just tried a tester, and there seems to be no power to the bulb holder either. Had a look in the fuse box in the engine bay and couldn't see the fuses for the lights (any of them) on the diagram. So first question, is the rear fog lamp on the same circuit and/or fuse as the front fogs (or any other lights)? All other lights (Head/side lights, front fogs, tail/brake lights and reverse lamp) are working. Secondly, could this point to the light switch itself? The rear fog light on the dashboard illuminates when you switch it on, which maybe suggests that the switch is ok? Beyond that, I'm hoping its not a wiring problem. Car is due an MOT in june, so have time to sort it, and obviously want it done before then. Cheers for any info/advice.
  4. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    My economy wasn't great... dropping to about 35mpg (according to the trip computer) around the doors. Went for a run to York before christmas and averaged about 55mpg for that run, again which wasn't as high as I'd hoped. Daily commute is about 19 miles each way on A1/A19, and it did improve on those roads. However, since changing the fuel filter, my average does seem to have improved slightly, and the car is now working out at 48mpg - that is on the trip computer and by rough calculation of miles/fuel used. Still trying to adjust my driving too to try and improve it more. I can have a heavy right foot, at times.
  5. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    Me too - I have tended to refuel when the light comes on (50 miles left), and letting it run quite a way below that is what triggered my problems before christmas. However, mine is now running fine again now with a new filter, and if possible, I'm gonna refuel before the light comes on, as long as its not costing me more to run by doing it. Currently costs me about £35/week average on fuel, with the monthly mileage I do.
  6. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    My car is all sorted now after the filter change - power is there on the pedal again. When I had the issue, it would 'stutter' as you accelerated, usually giving a bit more as you joined a motorway or such like. As you accelerated, as it started to stutter, if you eased off, then started to apply the gas more gently, it was fine, and you could ride through the gears, and up the speed to 60-70 and it was fine. However, last week or so, it was getting worse. I still have the filter that was removed - it is very black, and slightly deformed, which is due to it being blocked, and trying harder to suck the fuel through it, apparently.
  7. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    Cheers for the replies everyone. Bought a fuel filter a week or so ago, and had it fitted today. My dad did it for me, with help from a garage next to where he works, and he says it took 10 minutes to change the filter, then about 30 minutes before the car would start again! Says the filter he took out was black, but happily the car is now running as it was prior to the problems. The stuttering had been getting worse the last few days, so glad its sorted now. Lesson learned... try not to run it too far after the fuel light comes on, to avoid dredging stuff from the bottom of the tank. MJ :)
  8. Had my Focus for little over 6 months now, and up to christmas it has been faultless. However, just before the christmas break, it has started intermittantly stuttering whilst driving. It doesn't happen at low speeds, or once at high speed, but seems to be if you 'give it the beans' and accelerate quickly.... but again.. not all the time. The ting that seemed to start it off, I let it run quite low of fuel (roughly 20 mile range left), then I parked it on a nose up incline. Then, I refuelled and it was after this that it began stuttering when accelerating. I did think maybe I'd pulled some cr*p up off the bottom of the tank by letting it get low, and the incline of the hill. I have since refuelled a couple of times and it still happens... again, not all the time, but enough to begin concerning me. First option was to change the fuel filter, and hope it is just dirt/debris in the fuel line. But could this point to anything else? Other than this issue, the car runs fine - though a little thirstier since the cold weather started. Cheers for any replies/advice offered. MJ
  9. Steering Setups

    Stumbled across this setting last week when flicking through the dashboard menu - didn't even know it was there. Mine (1.8TDCi Titanium) is set to 'Sport' and generally feels ok for me. Did wonder if it was literally a steering setting, or did more than that, but reading around, seems it is just weight of steering it adjusts. Which cars have this setting? Thought it might have been part of the Titanium Sports Pack, which I think mine may have (it has the 18" alloys).
  10. Ordered a Chrome Surround grille off ebay, and it arrived yesterday - doesn't appear to be a genuine Ford part, but the Chrome surround and grille itself are two seperate parts. Removed the existing grille (which was just a standard lower bumper grille, despite being a Titanium), which snapped most of the tangs - so that aint going back on. However, having trouble getting some of the bottom tangs/clips to click into place - probably a symptom of not being a genuine part. This grille, the chrome surround is chrome effect plastic - is that what the genuine one is, or is it chromed metal? Gonna have another look over the weekend, and try and get the bottom tangs clipped in properly, when I have more time..
  11. 2009 Focus Titanium - 'standard' Spec?

    Well, it may sound a daft thing, but have just bought a lower front grille with the chrome surround off ebay. Been looking/watching them for a while, and they were all priced at about £45 upwards, which I didn't want to pay. However, found a listing with the grille parts brand new for £44, but they had a best offer option - so offered £25 which they accepted. Like I say, I know its a daft thing really, but it just bugged me slightly that the front end had nothing to distinguish it being a Titanium from a Zetec, and the chrome surround will give it that. I presume that grille is easy enough to swap over? MJ
  12. How Many Mpg Do You Get With Your Focus?

    Well, after my week of driving using the cruise control where possible (keeping the car between 50-60mph on dual carriageways), my economy this week has risen a touch to 50mpg. What I have noticed though, is when the cruise has the car set at 60mph, the instant fuel economy on the trip computer fluctuates between 63 and 68mpg, depending on the road condition. So on a motorway run, I guess its safe to assume that's the kind of mileage I'd get at 60mph. So I think where possible, I'm gonna keep using the cruise for decent dual carriageway stretches of my commute, but clearly is the 'around the doors' bit in between that's pulling my average down to 45-48ish, depending how heavy footed I am.
  13. Which Diesel Engine

    I have a 1.8 TDCi (115) - averaging 48mpg/week. When looking, I avoided the 1.6 TDCi after reading about potential problems with the DPF on them.
  14. How Many Mpg Do You Get With Your Focus?

    I fuelled up yesterday after work, and this week I am experimenting using the cruise control where possible (given traffic conditions), on my longer stretches of A1/A19 to work and back. Haven't used it much yet, and it'll be interesting to see if setting the cruise at 50-60 helps my daily/weekly economy.
  15. How Many Mpg Do You Get With Your Focus?

    Had my 1.8 TDCi (115) Focus a month now, and at first the economy was working out at 42mpg. Since then, I've changed to Shell 'Fuelsave Diesel', and changed the air filter, and I'm now averaging 48mpg for weekly commuting. Haven't done a long motorway run to gauge what that returns yet, but a run up to Northumberland on A-Roads at constant 50-60mph returned 52mpg before I changed the air filter, so I'd hope that kind of run might be up to 55-57ish now.