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  1. mophead105

    Mk6 Escort Gti Problems

    Ok I have another theory about it, it might be the abs cutting in randomly. Has this happened with anyone else?
  2. mophead105

    Mk6 Escort Gti Problems

    So I'm new here and this is my first post. I just bought an Escort GTI mk6, a few little problems with it and hoping any of you guys could possibly help. It seems the previous owner has messed with the bonnet release catch and it's fallen off as soon as I've touched it. I have tried a screw driver under the gap I. The bonnet and tried getting the catch that way but the bonnet hasn't released and I can't seem to get to it from underneath either which is a pain. Sorry to be so long winded but the second problem is when I was I. The motorway for the first time in it and it was perfectly fine but the second time about half way through the journey when I go over about 4000 revs the acceleration stops almost like the clutch engages because you can smell it so just wondering if anyone knows what's up with it so on e again sorry for being so long winded for my first post!! Btw I am planning to get rid of the ghastly wheels on it haha
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums mophead105 :)