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  1. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I was directed to this thread by another member (thanks hotashel) - the problem is still around, this time on an '05 Fusion with 30,000 on the clock. I know this is more miles than many of you but I am still reporting it to Watch Dog, Trading Standards etc. The garage insisted it was fair wear and tear even though the break was spotless. The more people who see the thread the better.
  2. Faulty suspension springs

    Thanks hotashel That has made interesting reading and will be added to the complaint I have against Ford and the local main dealer.
  3. Faulty suspension springs

    That is a possibility I suppose, the break was completely fresh metal - unlike the rusted through spring the main dealer garage produced when we asked for it to get an independent test performed (they 'couldn't find it' when we collected the car but the next day they had 'found it' and then they admitted they had taken it from a different section of the garage, although they insisted ours was in the same condition!)
  4. Faulty suspension springs

    My '05 Fusion's front offside suspension spring broke suddenly on Sunday. The car has only done 32,000 and has been on the road for three and a half years. We were travelling at less than 30mph (luckily) but still the anti-roll bar was also damaged. The AA man was surprised, saying it is an unusual fault on a car of it's age. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with this, as the dealer says it is just down to 'fair wear and tear', whereas we suspect manufacturing issues?