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  1. Coolant

    Hi All Can you please tell me what coolant i should put in my 2005 2.0 tdci as i have had a massive argument with my Dad who swears blind you can put normal antifreeze in as he reckons OAT is just a con to make you buy it cos it costs more , and normal coolant wont affect my car in the slightest. So can someone who knows please clarify this for me as i have been called all sorts of names because i told him what it said in the manual thanks Steve
  2. Mondeo Tdci Strange Noise

    Had the Belt changed and no more Noise :) But what a pig of a job
  3. Mondeo Tdci Strange Noise

    Hi All My 05 TDCI Mondeo has started to make this weird ticking sound from the right hand side of the engine :( Here is a link to the video - Any Help would be grately appreciated Thanks Steve
  4. Alloy Wheels

    Hi does anybody know if you can fit 5 stud alloys off another make on a mk3 Mondy ie Volvo etc which are a lot cheaper than ford rs wheels and look practically the same :) Cheers Steve
  5. De-Cat

    heres what ive found out mot-special-notice-1-2014.pdf
  6. Ford Super F Mk 2 Fault Code Scanner

    Thanks for that BigD im going to drop the cat and do the mr muscle trick when it gets a little warmer :D
  7. De-Cat

    Hi All Ive just bought a decat for my euro4 2.0 tdci mondeo does anyone have any advice / info regarding MOT's or has anyone had an MOT recently and passed or failed with a decat fitted ? Thanks Steve
  8. Hi All Ive got the dreaded Flashing Glow Plug Light coming on if i boot it past 3000rpm in 3rd gear. If the car is warmed up i can just turn it off and the light goes off until i go over 3000 in 3rd I have bought a Ford Super F MK 2 Fault Code Scannerand put it on the obd ii port the car is a 2005 euro 4 2.0 tdci Mondeo . I read the DTC and it comes up with P1000 ODB systems readiness test not complete P132BFINEDDTC The Live Data is as follows The Second pic is after the Glow plug light is flashing the EGRp reads 0 and doesnt change. Any Help greatly appreciated thanks Steve :)
  9. Ecu`s

    I know this might be a DAFT question but can you swap a 115ps ecu for a 130ps on a 2.0 tdci mk3 Mondeo to get a power boost..... I know you can swap the ecu`s in Subaru`s to get a better oooomph but wondered if you could do it on Fords , Im probably barking up the wrong tree and making myself look like a complete T**T asking lol cheers Steve
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Renegadeshania :)

    1. Renegadeshania


      Thanks Steve from another Steve LOL Only had my Mondeo 1 day :)