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  1. Happy Birthday grembo!

  2. Hellloooooooooooo!!! Just wondering if someone could tell me how many years/ miles the cambelt will need to be changed on my car????? Can't find anything in the manual about it!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)))
  3. Please Help!!! Damsel In Distress!!!

    Thanks all for your input! The problem has now been solved free of charge!! It was the two front tires! They were such a cheap, crap make that when they took them off to change them they were all buckled out of shape!!!!! It drives nice and quiet now thank god!! :) one happy lady at last!!

  5. Please Help!!! Damsel In Distress!!!

    Hi, yes I just tried it and the noise is still there. :(
  6. I posted on here the other day about a strange whining noise coming from my Fiesta Zetec S TDCI car. It's worse when I slow down and just before I come to a stand still. I noticed it just after I purchased it and took it straight back to the garage and they said they'd sort it. A week later I picked it up and the problem hadn't been solved - they said it was because the tires are low profile and are a cheap make. The noise is still there, but to be honest I don't think it is the tires, I think they were just fobbing me off until the warranty runs out! I've spoken to a couple of mechanics and they said they sound like it's the main bearing in the gear box! (I should be getting it looked at by a Ford mechanic later) for second opinion. The garage where I purchased it are having it back Friday to look at it again. The car has only done 47,000 miles! :(((
  7. Noisy Tyres

    Ok guys, thanks very much for your help :))
  8. Car

  9. Hi I recently bought a 2009 Fiesta tdci zetec s. It's got the original 17 inch alloys with low profile tyres, (not makes I recognise). It drives lovely but has this annoying humming sound, (sounds more dramatic on smoother road surfaces and higher speed and at very low speed). I took it back to the garage where I bought it from and they had it for nearly a week looking at and testing various things to find the problem. They came back saying that it's the low profile tyres and because they are a cheap make. They went on to say that they tried another set of wheels and it didn't make the noise. So when I purchase new tyres I should get a better make. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?? It's under warranty for a year from mechanical faults and only 3 months with all other things.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums grembo :)

    1. grembo


      Thank you :)