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  1. Fiesta Metal, Couple Of Questions/worries....

    Thanks for your reply, so i would guess that its a pain in the bum to get near the speakers? Ok whats best to write in the letter? Not sure how i would word it. Because of it being a moving part wouldn't they say its up to me to repair and not covered by warranty? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Hello, Recently noticed when on a cold start while reversing up my drive the car makes a noise, I've found a video on youtube which sounds exactly like it. http://youtu.be/IEjhnqztNn0 Just wondered what it could be? Someone said in the comments it could be a thrust bearing but i wouldn't have a clue. Also i get a buzzing on my rear speakers. The speakers themselves are fine but it i think its the plastic. If i touch it, the noise disappears? Any tips on fixing that? Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  3. Mk7 Fiesta Metal Mod Ideas

    Thanks mate, just looked at your thread and like the changes your made. Might have to take a few ideas . I clayed the car the other day for the first time, must day the results are impressive. Next hot spell we get I've got to do that again and polish it and wax it. Going off subject a bit here but i have noticed a noise when cold lately, when reversing up my drive i hear the noise in the video. Once the car is warm i don't get it. Just wondering what this could be? One of the comments on the video are that its a thrust bearing but i wouldn't have a clue? Any help would be appreciated . http://youtu.be/IEjhnqztNn0 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  4. FOC Age group Poll!

    23 and mk7 fiesta metal Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Mk7 Fiesta Metal Mod Ideas

    Orded the side lights yesterday, i reckon they will look quite smart. Any more ideas? Don't want to change the black and white theme tbh. Was thinking... Change the interior light from the single light to a map reading lights. Ambient lighting in the footwell, got blue there at the moment but think they look a little out if place. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  6. Mk7 Fiesta Metal Mod Ideas

    I like the ideas... Have you got any links to where i can get the indicators and the led side lights? I presume there is a law on the side lights brightness etc etc. I agree about the drums, i think black is the better option. Would look a lot cleaner. Sorry sounds stupid but what are silvatecs lol? Thanks guys :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  7. Mk7 Fiesta Metal Mod Ideas

    Here's what she looks like at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Mk7 Fiesta Metal Mod Ideas

    Hello guys, Got my fiesta metal this time last year, haven't really had the time to do anything with her. So i was wondering what mods i can do which won't affect my ford warranty? I would like to keep with the black and white theme. Couple of things i was thinking; • paint the drums black or white • de-tango lights (any advice) Thanks in advance . Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  9. Fiesta Metal Tyre Help Please

    In the end i went for avon zz5's so far they seem like a really good tyre. After reading reviews and what people said they seem best. £160 all in at national tyres. Thanks for the advice guys :)
  10. Fiesta Metal Tyre Help Please

    Hello, Its that time...need to change two front tyres, so im after a little bit of advice please. At the moment they are Bridgestone 205/40/R17 84V. My questions are; Can i fit W or Y speed rated tyres? What brands do you recommend? Will they scratch the paint off the wheel? Looking at a budget of £50-80 maybe a bit more per tyre. Thanks Marcus
  11. Fiesta Metal Owner Here :)

    Yeah iv had a look and got all the colours i would like to go with so going to get them on pay day. Thank you for the link. Yeah i expect so, a bit irratating sometimes. Just dont want to seem like a moaner haha, already had my camera done because it had condensation on the camera.
  12. Fiesta Metal Owner Here :)

    Thank for the warm welcome guys :). Yeah see the car already has the parking senors and cam, rain sensors, auto lights, heated seats, sony headunit with upgraded speakers. Also anyadvice on my speakers, i seem to have a rattle/buzzing from the plactic surrounding the rear near side speaker? Check it to see if it was the speaker but its clear as anything. Also have a rattle on the drivers side window when its half way open? These are some things i would like to do, money permitting; Hid kit White centre caps with black ford writing (if any body knows if these are about please let me know) Black and white gel overs Black wheel bolts Paint drum brakes black Footwell lighting Illuminated gear shift (maybe the scuff plates but very exspensive) Mountune (eventually) Any ideas are welcome too :). I will get some more pictures put on here too and see what you think.
  13. Fiesta Metal Owner Here :)

    Pictures :)
  14. Fiesta Metal Owner Here :)

    Hello guys, Newbie here (well for fords lol) Just wanted to say hi and introduce my self to the forum. I got my 12 plate fiesta metal in may, had 4500m on the clock and now at 8700m. My first ever ford and im impressed with her. Would like to mod in time but only nice mods as i dont want to ruin her or make it look silly. Any tips and advice? Also need to new front tyres so wondered if anyone had any suggestions for tyres? Also would it be ok to use w/y speed rated tyres? Many thanks Marcus