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  1. My Focus Zetec S

    I think my car had just gained 4/5 BHP with this mod lol
  2. My Focus Zetec S

    Been modding something else this week! Not only is he rapid but he now has that sporty look aha!
  3. My Focus Zetec S

    I haven't had a chance to update it yet, I have been ill this week :/ Have had chance to play with my OBD2 bluetooth adapter briefly though... And hopefully the radio upgrade will allow me to use the Torque app :)
  4. My Focus Zetec S

    Yeah, looks swish lol... I saw that someone had a random clip before, but as long as this is a proven method I'll give it a go :)
  5. My Focus Zetec S

    Any particular make? If yours is decent I'll copy aha! Need to get some blue inlays for the side S badges... The others I've found are too big.
  6. My Focus Zetec S

    Anyone have a clue where I can buy a clip or attachment for my S badge to be attached to my front grille??
  7. My Focus Zetec S

    Break calliper paint is waiting just need some decent weather or a garage to do it in :) aha! Black gloss would look mint with your motor! The guys who are doing my wheels are going to gloss black my exterior trim too! Their company is called Hot Wheelz... This amused me :)
  8. My Focus Zetec S

    It was something that crossed my mind, the only thing white inside is the tax disk holder aha.. Something todo in the future at least :). I might get so white gloss wrap and see what it looks like :D My achievement of the week is getting the Henry ford stickers in the same place either side of the car lol! Need a heat gun for this week though to debadge and re badge with a blue S badge
  9. My Focus Zetec S

    Not sure why but couldn't see the photos in my last post :s
  10. My Focus Zetec S

    Heater knobs finally came! With the remap box I've managed 8.7 0-60 on the lowest setting... Off public roads legally I might add lol. Update on my radio, still brill and the netflix app works perfectly! Apart from that I have to watch Barney all the time for my daughter, I'm happy lol Finally some art work for you :D
  11. My Focus Zetec S

    That can be my super hero alter ego aha! Trying a remap box tomorrow £80 136 = 163 bhp... Not on public road by the way lol
  12. My Focus Zetec S

    Need everyone's opinion, what do you think of this?? I wanted to make it look like a special edition type of thing but not sure of placement etc.
  13. Ford Focus Mk2 Zetec S Look Body Kit

    Ah fair play, I think it might of been laziness on my part :) The Zetec S kit is class to be honest! Would there be any point in trying to collect the parts from breakers? I'm not sure I've never looked into it
  14. Ford Focus Mk2 Zetec S Look Body Kit

    I looked down this route but just decided to spend the extra and have the Zetec S... Do you already have your car?
  15. My Focus Zetec S

    I know :/ I've had some money to spend specifically for the car... My future mods are more mechanical and technical, save the hardest for last lol