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  1. Never had that problem on my first install but have on the second one just by adding the licence file, going to reinstall it using the exact files as i did on the first one to see what happens
  2. Bit the bullet and did a 2 file update took 8 mins to do and i'm now on 19200 and its working fine , not noticed anything different about it tho
  3. With having 2 units i did the exact install on the second unit except i add the licence file and now i get the same message as you , As for your screen problem you need to change the strategy in APIM try your fake UCDS and in DE05 change CGEA 1.3 to C1MCA and that'll cure your issue
  4. Luke, That's great news I'm sure others will want to know how to do this without have to find someone with UCDS . I think I know why you still getting the installation message as I think its because you added the licence file as were I didn't
  5. With you being on 3.3 you will get the official 3.4 update its only people on 3.0 that might not get it
  6. Did you miss the link on page 3 ??
  7. The adaptor will come with 1 credit as it needs 1 to let you use the program and yes you need credits for certain operations but not that you will need to use them
  8. Had mine nearly 5 years and its the extended licence you need as you get full potential of the program, cost me £160
  9. That just sucks lol but with the fake one you can do most thing's i guess ? like direct config etc
  10. cant you just download the latest version off the web site ?
  11. Here you go Luke https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mevtwifz37iaew2/AAB17d1EqRjIp7HbP0vjfr7ma?dl=0 Download each one
  12. Luke, Select focus 2015 mca- 2015.5