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  1. Getting Flip Key Cut

    It was the auto locksmith that gave it to me. So does that mean its been in there since ford did the original keys to the car?
  2. Getting Flip Key Cut

    Ok so just got back from getting the key cut. There was some weird thing attached to my car in that storage box to the right of the steering wheel under the lights. He didnt have a clue what it was and presumed a ford tech left it in there. Come to think of it, I remember seeing that area lit up red when my door was open. I presumed it was part of the ambient lighting. What do you think it is? Worth anything on eBay u think lol
  3. Getting Flip Key Cut

    I've just quickly tried then and I'm starting to break the plastic round the sides. Using tweezers isn't helping i bet! From a local auto locksmith I've been quoted £70 + vat for my key, as long as it has the correct transponder chip which I'm sure it has. This sounds like a lot. What do people think? Does this sound reasonable?
  4. Getting Flip Key Cut

    Yeh I was going to do that (seen the thread on here) but, I have a feeling I would mess it up. And the spare i have isn't the remote one, its that crappy thing which looks very flimsy which I'm sure I'd snap it completely off lol
  5. Getting Flip Key Cut

    Ok :( thanks pal, much appreciated.
  6. Getting Flip Key Cut

    I am confused. Some people I've read have said they have done this and others have said what stoney says. I'm wasting all my energy on this! Roughly, how much would it cost by an auto locksmith? I'm planning on going in asking on Monday but was just wondering. Damn why do I want a flip key so bad!
  7. Getting Flip Key Cut

    Hi guys, I've been wanting a flip key so I ordered one from eBay which came this morning. After I got home from work today I swiftly decided I would go down to the local timpsons to get it cut. After rushing in there with 5 mins to go before closure, I was disappointed that he refused to cut it. They said on their website they can, but he said only certain keys can be cut, and mine cant. So, where can I get it cut for a decent price, don't wanna have to go to ford. Also, am I right in thinking that I can programme my new key because I have 2 sets of keys already? I've already programmed the remote B)
  8. Hello, I have been looking at getting some DRL's for my fiesta zetec 58 reg. However, I don't want the strips I put on myself, I would much prefer to pay more for a quality set. I am after getting some for headlight unit as I prefer the look. I've seen these here - http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=161033574846&cmd=VIDESC are these just direct replacements to my current headlights? And are these close to what the new titaniums have? That's the look I'm going for. There pretty expensive but if there genuine I don't mind. Has anyone on here got these? Thanks Oh btw this is my first car and I love it!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums 1Lance :)