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  1. Hi guys...changed the cluch on my 1.6 2001 Astra was a lot of work compared to a rear wheel drive type car I am more used to....took me 2 days...just dropped the box back a bit. But my son in laws 2004 Ka now needs a clutch...slipping badly, How much of a job is it on this car....and any idea what a smaller garage would charge....if its not to bad a job I may consider doing it for him...just not as keen since I retired. Nick.
  2. Hi son in laws 2004 ka 1.3 has an intermittent not wanting to start when cold. The battery is fine it turns the engine over quite quickly and doesn't give up. This is the second time its done this and he has ended up catching a train to work and arriving late. I was with him this morning when he tried to start it...key in crank over the tries to fire but wont fully start this is without throttle... Give it throttle and it wont even try to fire. When it failed last week he left it 30 mins and tried again and started an ran as normal. I suspected a part blocked fuel filter old one we found out has not been changed in 100.000mls...bought a new one but not been able to fit it yes due stuck quick release fitting...looking into that at present. How would we test the fuel pump? Any ideas guys.
  3. Bought a new fuel filter for my daughters 2004 ford ka. Its the original filter never been changed in 100.000mls...TBH I didn't know it had a fuel filter. I have got one of the plastic locking clips off to release one end...came off easy by pressing the tabs away. But no matter what I do I cant free the other end...the locking tabs seem free but the union will not come off the old filter. Any ideas guys...can they be a bugger like this. Nick.
  4. The problem is that the mating surface is not has some pitting from corrosion...hence why the O ring failed to seal...but I do agree with what you say. Nick.
  5. Thanks for that Delboy...unfortunately I used the RTV silicon stuff I already had yesterday....but if it fail I will try the stuff in your link. Its a new one on me but looks good stuff...thanks again. Nick.
  6. Going back a bit I know. I fitted a new housing back in 2013...started to leak again a few weeks ago...ordered another new housing...took off the old one todat and found the O ring and housing still in good order. Where I think the leak is from is from corrosion on the flat mounting face where the stat housing bolts on not letting the O ring fully seat. I dont remember seeing this when I had it off a few years ago. If I just fit the new housing I think it will still leak as the O ring has nowhere to seat properly. Any suggestions guys....I was thinking of seating it on RTV silicon sealant to bridge the gap...the corrosion is about !mm deep at worse. This engine has always had the correct Ford antifreeze as well from new. Nick.
  7. Ok...and that gives a reliable job then, thanks for that. Nick.
  8. My interior mirror keeps falling off....I have been using those small sticky pads sold for the job...cleaned/degreased both surfacxes but still they stay stuck for around 2 weeks then fall off, Is there a better way. Nick.
  9. I know you have replaced all the likly bits....but have you checked for a spark at the rule out any off those parts.
  10. daughters 2004 KA hatch duratec engine is due an MOT soon...had it up on the ramps today to find where the exhaust is blowing....turns out to be the flexi near the CAT, I see on ebay you can buy the replacement flexi section...looks like you need to cut the old one off, My question...there are 2 with a flange and a clamp to meet up with the original flange and one with 2 clamps and no flange, I am guessing the the type with no flange is in case the old flange is I right or is the more to there being 2 types. Nick.
  11. I see...FORSCAN...can I use that without modifieing the reader cable as in your older post.
  12. Thanks for that Jeebowhite...had a read of that....interesting...some of its more advance that I need to go, Thanks again. Nick.
  13. Hi guys....I bought a USB OBD11 fault code reader off ebay...after a lot of faffing about to get it to connect to the laptop...I have got it up and running now, Using software it came with...only able to use the first 2 pages of info unless I pay for the full prog, I'm new to using these devices...only got it to clear a fault light on my daughters KA after the coil pack failed which it did without problem, So out of curiosity...just what can I do with it...I dont understand most of the data it displays interesting as it is me being from a by gone old landrover is steam driven...but nice to know just what I can do with it, Is there any other free software available that may give more info that the scantool stuff I have. Nick.