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  1. Hi iv got a 94 mk3.5 fiesta 1.3 hcs, and I was just wondering if I could swap the engine for a xr2i 1.6 8v an if it was possible what would I need to do...any help would be much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. I have a 1994 mk3.5 fiesta 1.3lx, and the suspension has had its day just about, so im thinking about putting coilovers or sports suspension on...however I cant find any for the chassis type which is FAJ, there seems to be loads for the GFJ type though...so can I just use that?
  3. Pepperpot Alloys

    Can anyone help me please!!! Iv found spme pepperpot alloys for sale but I dont know if they'll fit, iv got a mk3 fiesta lx w8th chassis code !Removed! and the rims I want are 6J at the front and 7J at the back...but the rear alloys say tjer for the FHA model...will they still fit????
  4. Mk3 Suspension Faj

    Hi iv got a mk3 1.3 fiesta LX, amd I want to put new suspension on it to firm it up and lower it to change the looks, but for some reason the chassis number on mine us FAJ, and there are hardly an suspension kits oit there for it, and the ones that are, only lower by a max of 40mm, and I cant fibd any coilovers for it either. So I was hoping someone could help me out andppoint me ib the right direction.
  5. Mk3 Hcs Conversion

    Ok thanks mate, I take it id need a new ecu as well or could I just remap the current 1.3 one?
  6. Iv got a mk3 fiesta with a 1.3i hcs engine in, but I want to convert it to a bigger lump, I was thinking aboit a 1.8 xr2i, but im not sure about the work required. Can anyone help me please?
  7. Iv got an l reg mk3 fiesta with a 1.3i hcs engine in it, and I was wondering how difficult or if it was possible to drop a xr2i 1.8 16v in and if any mods would be need to be done, any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums guido4725 :)