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  1. Transponder Coding/ Programming

    Ok, thank you for the replies.
  2. Transponder Coding/ Programming

    That's what I was trying to get at just one key/fob programmed to my car, but second one (fob) that needs programming the horseshoe blade is for this fob. So got find a local locksmith that can re-program my second fob ? any idea on costs of this ballpark figure.
  3. Transponder Coding/ Programming

    Nope :( , I have one key that will start the car with transponder etc.(pic1) and a key like this that will open the doors etc BUT NO fob for it.(pic2) Then I have a just a fob from another car that is complete wiyh transponder etc., I want know if I can put it in key 2 (pic2) and program it to get it to start the car ? Hope that's a bit clearer :D
  4. Transponder Coding/ Programming

    Ok thanks, So that would be Ford's to wipe it and sync it with my car.
  5. I have a spare key that has the transponder and circuit board that working, the key however is not for my car but I have a spare key for my car with no fob. So my question will I be able to program transponder to my spare key and use it to start the engine etc.
  6. Anyone using Champion plugs in a Mk3 2.0l duratec engine ? reason i'm asking is I can get some off a mate for nothing, but i'm getting a bit confused as when i'm searching to see if they the correct ones i'm getting conflicting information one place is saying that these are correct Champion RS9PYP4 and another place is saying that these are Champion EON3 Spark Plug 703 = Does anyone know which is correct please.
  7. Mondeo Key ?

    Excellent great news thanks, bit thick when it comes to mondeos
  8. Thanks Steve. Andy

  9. I have one key with my Mondeo ghia that I have just bought, the key is a bit worn and bent a bit the transponder fob works fine. If I get one of these (see Attachment) have it cut and swap the fob over to it will it start the car ? If not can I reprogram it ? or do I have to go to Fords ? Thanks, Andy
  10. Hello!

    Hi to all, Just joined up should have joined years ago Been a ford owner (Granadas and Scorpios) for over 30 years wanted a change and got a Mondeo :D
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums conoflex :)