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  1. Ticking!!

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Turns out it is a problem with the relay on the air conditioner unit!
  2. Cruel....

    I very recently and very cruelly (1 hour before I was supposed to go) and a stunning metallic grey 2004 1.6 ford focus Zetec snatched from my grasp. Does anyone have or know of a 1.6 ford focus for sale?, must be petrol, 5 door and around 2000???
  3. Ticking!!

    For some reason I have a ticking noise coming from my 1.4 ford fiesta Zetec, it happens fairly frequently and when it does I lose a little bit of power my revs drop by say couple hundred. Is happens very quickly obviously but is rather worrying....... Ay ideas??
  4. Petrol Cap Key Barrel

    Unfortunately the key barrel on my 1.4 fiesta Zetec is pretty seized up, been getting steadily worse and now to aping I'm concerned of the key breaking in it. Any suggestions how to fix? If I can avoid getting a new barrel that would be great as I'm sure they are very expensive.....
  5. Newbie!!

    Just joined!, am making a few cheap changes to the old girl!, getting new plates and can't decide between italics or standerd?
  6. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Currently doing this to my fiesta, changing alloy centre caps, badge colours, gear knob etc
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Jamesdurrant :)