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  1. Hi. I have a 58 reg Mk7 1.6TDCI fiesta Zetec with nearly 60k on the clock. Anybody else have issues with the turbo not boosting? About 4 times now when i've pulled away theres no power, feels exactly like theres no boost. Its due for a service soon, last one while its still under warranty, i'll mention it then. But if anybody has any ideas, i was wondering if the wastegate could be sticking open.
  2. Economy is entirely down to how you drive. I have a 1.6 diesel and i do a lot of miles so my car is now very run in. I have no trouble getting high 60's and recently i've been getting it into the 70's. best over a long distance trip recently was 75mpg. please bear in mind that my daily commute includes going past Clackett lane on the M25 at rush hour - those of you who have done know what i mean. i normally get 550 miles to a tank when the fuel light comes on. these figures are all based on the onboard computer so in reality they may be higher. Diesels dont do twice the economy of a petrol but they have the capacity to be very economical if driven correctly.
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    If you're interested in learning how to drive economically resetting it is a good way to learn as you get a more instantaneous idea of what you are doing and how it affects it.
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    I normally average high 60's somewhere aroung 67mpg normally, but the absolute best was done over a 15 - 20 mile reasonably flat stretch of road where i reset the meter just to see what i could do and i got 96mpg. So that is the absolute best i have ever gotten. Sorry should add that its a 1.6 tdci zetec and i'd done about 5k miles back then.
  5. not really possible as the car does not have a head unit as such, you could directly wire a separate system from the battery, but thats a load of grief, the standard system is pretty good.
  6. never worked on a fiesta before but had loads of experience with brakes. sounds like it could be a problem with the rear shoes, they can be difficult to adjust. Also i've never liked the ezibleed system, if you can get some help try it this way: fill up reservoir, one person sits in car, second person cracks open the nipple furthest away, person in car pushes down pedal slowly, when its on the floor shut the nipple, guy in car releases pedal. repeat this process until no air bubbles come out, then move onto the next one. I dont know the correct bleeding order or if you have single or dual systems, if you have a manual that may be able to advise on the correct order. hope that helps
  7. you just press the button in the middle of the dash and they lock, press it again or open the doors and it unlocks. Also there is a button on the keyfob you press which will unlock the boot and only the boot.
  8. To stand up for the fiestas economy. I have a new 1.6 diesel, and last night i was doing an economy run and managed to get 96mpg, this was on a straight road over a distance of 20 miles, driving along mostly sitting behind a lorry. mostly on a motorway but also included pulling off and going through my local village, also the car was low on motion lotion hence the frugalness of the driving. Again today i was driving economically and over a 125 mile trip which was 90% motorway and included crawling in traffic for 10 miles i got an average of 64mpg.