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  1. Tezza, you do fantastic work on your cars and i have no doubt the ST225 will be a gem.
  2. Fuel Cap

    I think the guy had not long before filled up his tank so could be water. A locking fuel cap is just a bit more peace of mind in my opinion. We are more petrol than diesel over here but it is changing slowly. The problem with diesel over here is the premium you pay to purchase one,they have done test and you could run a petrol for about 3 years on the difference in purchase price. Thanks again for the link. I'll e-mail them and see if they are available in Australia. Cheers.
  3. Fuel Cap

    Stoney871. Thank you very much for the efforts and the link. The XR5 with the milky fuel is a petrol 2.5 litre turbo same as your ST225. THANK YOU again.
  4. Fuel Cap

    Yes they all come with the anti - syphon system and no cap. Would have thought with this system they would have put some sort of mechanism in place to lock the cap when the car was locked. Thank you for your suggestion so far "jeebowhite" And will wait and see if you come up with anything Stoney871. I appreciate the replies so far guys. Thank You.
  5. Fuel Cap

    Hello Every body, Over on the East coast of Australia one of the members of our XR5 club has had something add to his fuel tank turning the fuel a milky colour and shutting down the engine. It will need a complete strip down and clean from tank to injectors. We have noticed that on the LV XR5/ST225 that you cannot lock the fuel flap and there is no fuel cap as on older models. Has anyone had one fitted or know of a mod that would stop any playing around with the fuel access. Cheer Peter
  6. Hello Tezza, That is a fantastic car. Im jealous as us focus fans in the colonies (Western Australia) didn't have the options you guys have. Would love the Sat/Nav and climate control. My car has the Mountune MR290 tune and i have added a Pro Alloy boost pipe kit, 2XS racing top pipe,and a elevate boost controller. The cars can be driven sedately or when pushed go's like a cut cat :D :D Lovely car will be interested to see what mods you end up doing.
  7. Aussie Mountune Mr 290

    Hello gforce, You have done a lot of work to your car and unless anyone knew what you have done they would thinks it's an ST. My original plan was after the ex left was to purchase a MK2 RS but over here in the colonies we where paying brand new $72,000 for one. Ford only brought 315 RS's into Australia so they charged like wounded bulls for one. My XR5 cost $36,000 on road with window tinting and DVD player in the back for my son. The XR5/ST that we got here was a mix of the 3 different variants that you guys have but we missed out on the good stereo and no climate control or reverse park sensors basically all the stuff you guys got in the ST3. Some of ours had leather and sun roof which is very rare over here and some with just leather and mine is the basic one with cloth. I have been reading what some of you guys in England have been doing to your cars and i must say that the cars look fantastic with real good mods, I can understand the love affair with small cars in the U.K. with the price of fuel that you pay.I'm 52 and was raised on big 6's and V8's but in the 90's i purchase a Holden/Vaxhaul Barina/ Corsa 1.6 GSI and was amazed at how it went and handled and that was the start for me with small cars.Anyway i have rambled on long enough so you have a good day.
  8. Aussie Mountune Mr 290

    Hello Guys, Thanks for the comments. I enjoy driving the car and the power but of late have been paying a few speeding fines so have to remove lead from right foot. My future mods include a set of ST 3 BI Xenon headlights that i purchased from a member on here along with other bits from him. Also have some LED tail lights on the way. gforce i like the colour of your car looks good, always been a fan of blue. FOCA my 6 year old son would love yours for sure. I will see if i can load up some more photo's. Thanks again for the comments. Cheers Peter
  9. Hello All, Just thought i would see what things are like on this side of the pond.
  10. Purchase my XR5 Turbo in November 2010. First mod was a Pro Alloy ST/RS intercooler and was followed by several CAI's before settling on the Mountune MR 290 tune. I swapped my DS CAI for a stock air box and then installed a pro alloy big boost pipe kit as well as Blue Flame Turbo back exhaust and next posted computer to Mountune for upgrade. Car went very well once computer back. Next mod was a top pipe from air box to turbo which was made here in Australia, it's a 3" stainless steel jobbie that is ceramic coated to help keep the heat down on the air to the turbo. This pipe has made the tune very smooth and responsive. Also performance filter in stock air box. Next was a Elevate 25.4 mm rear bar with whiteline lateral locks. Rennsport racing rear camber arms, front whiteline 24 mm bar with lateral locks and polyurethane control arm bushes. Next mod was the Mountune Clubsport suspension struts,shocks and springs along with there alignment set up. Love this little car and now handles and go's the way i want while looking stock on the outside.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums MR290XR5 :)

    1. MR290XR5


      Thank you. I'm located in Western Australia.I have purchased most of the performance stuff on my car from England so i thought i'd join and see whats happening over i your world.

  12. Aussie XR5 Focus

    The building of my XR5 Turbo.
  13. Aussie XR5

    The building of my XR5 Turbo to date.