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  1. New Ford Owner From Warrington.

    I can't remember if in those pictures it was when I lowered it on eibachs or ktec coilovers. The handling on the cliosports were amazing! It was just a shame that it took till 5k revs to kick in. Against a Type R in the twistys it trounced all over them, but as soon as a straight road appeared, bye bye. Unfortunately the mods on the Fiesta are going to have to be kept to a minimum, me and the other half bought a house earlier this month so the car was my last treat.
  2. New Ford Owner From Warrington.

    I'll be honest with the car being the type of blue it was, it was a pain thinking of a colour scheme other than anthracite. Yeah the one of the lads on the clio forum kindly photoshopped the pic for me. Soon as the fez gets cleaned and sparkly I'll post up some pics. Already got some red led lights for the footwell from ebay to replace the ones already in it.
  3. Hi there. I'm Callum and I'm new to the Ford world. I'm the happy owner of a white 1.6 3 door Fiesta Titanium. I'll get some pics up when the weather clears up. From what I've read on here I think I have the "street pack", and it's got leather seats, keyless entry, etc...... I used to be a member on cliosport.net, I had a Clio 182 in arctic blue for about 2 years. It was my pride and joy. I have pics of that to show.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums cal_smith :)