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  1. Hi there, As of today I am in need of repair work to the standard front end body kit of my Fiesta MK6.5 TDCI. Proper gutted as I managed to drive into a grass bank down a country lane this morning!! After cooling down a bit I decided to jump on here and see if anyone could recommended any good body shops. I live Just about 15 miles outside of Chester so any round that way will be a bonus. The damage is not strikingly obvious unless I was to point it out, although I cant bring myself to deal with it myself and would rather entrust a pro to have a look at it. So far it is looking like it needs some cracks repairing, paint work, and it all seems a bit warped. Also while I'm at it possibly getting a deep scratch down the side of the car where it was keyed...!! I am nervous about taking it somewhere that will not respect my baby You know what I mean Thanks Gemma
  2. Hi James Did you have much difficulty taking off the boot grab handle? I have taken the screws out of the plastic cover from in side the boot and then tried to lever this plastic molding off, although there seems quite a bit of resistance and I am concerned about breaking something, or is it just a case of go for it? Thanks Gemma
  3. Cool, thanks for your help :)
  4. Thanks for your reply. I was after the eibach extra low springs which are red, but can't seem to source any for a diesel, so may have to settle for the eibach pro kit? It's the hight I'm after and apparently the extra lows are lower than the pro kit
  5. Lowering Fiesta Zetec S Tdci Mk6.5

    Hiya, thanks for your reply. I was after the eibach extra low kit (red springs) but they are impossible to get hold of for a diesel/ST. Will I have to settle for the eibach pro kit as a close alternative hight wise?
  6. Hi there, are there more than one variant of extra lows for petrol and diesels or can I use a set off a petrol for my 1.6 diesel? Thanks :)
  7. Hi guys, just after a bit of advice. I'm after a set of eibach extra lows (rude racing specials) and was wondering if they had to be the ones for the ST because of the weight of the diesel or if I can use ones off a petrol? Wasn't sure if when they sold them whether there were variants like with the pro kits.. Thanks :)
  8. Hi there, I'm after a pair of eibach extra low for my fez (same model as yours) and just wondered if I had to get the ST ones because of the weight of the car being a diesel or whether I can purchase a set off a petrol? Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Gemz1982 :)

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