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  1. P0420 error code help needed

    Thanks for the replies, most helpful Its booked in for its MOT next week, will see if or hor how bad it does then. If it is the Cat then it might be time to say goodbye unless I can find one at a good price. Paul
  2. Hi allHad this problem with my 2003 1.4 Fiesta for some time but now getting round to try and fix it for the last 40k miles every 500 miles or so the EML pops on with an error code P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)So how do I find what is the route to the problem, I assume either one or both o2 sensors or the cat itself could be at fault, all quite pricy on a car this age so don't want to go down the try and see route.How do I test the sensors to double check they are at fault.I have monitored the sensor voltages whilst driving assuming that this would indicate if one or both is not working or if both have the same reading I understand that would indicate the CAT has failed.I used Torque to log the data but can only get it to send screen captures not the whole logg Looking at the three attached captures do they indicate anything obviousThanks for any help resolving this
  3. Hi all I have a 2003 Fiesta with the 1.4 Duratec Engine and will soon be changing the Cam/timing belt and whilst I am awaiting delivery of some of the locking tools needed I have a couple of quick questions 1, I understand the best Timing Belt Kits are the ones sold under the name of Gates, is that correct and if yes anyone know the correct part number for their kit to fit my car. 2, I also understand that I will need a long bolt and nut to push the crank Pulley back on before it is bolted up to the correct torque with a new supplied bolt. Anyone know the correct thread size and pitch of this bolt, I did read that it was a 12mm bolt but my local shop sells 12mm bolts in 0.5/0.75 & 1mm pitch threads, what do I need to get. Thanks in advance with any help with this. Paul
  4. Mondeo Broken Help Needed

    Yep, I got the Garage to swap the Clutch and DMF over to the newer Engine. I just hope Mr Clutch parts are as good as ford.as I got 129k out of the last one. Paul
  5. Hi I had this with mine and all it needed was a good soaking with WD40 to return it to full working order, not saying yours is not broken and needs drastic action to gain access to the mechanism, but it is just possible that its just sticky, like mine was. Paul
  6. Mondeo Broken Help Needed

    Hi Guys Is there no end to this It has now been decided that its best to change the engine rather than repair the old one. They have located a 2007 engine with 40k miles on it The bill now will be £1300 all in If I had not just spent £800 on a clutch and DMF I think I would have called it a day, hopefully that’s the last phone call I get from them until its all done. Paul
  7. Mondeo Broken Help Needed

    Hi guys Just a quick up-date Had a call from the garage today, and its not good news The inital fault was diagnosed as a Broken Cam Chain Tensioner, add to this a cracked head where some of the rocker carrier bolts had ripped out. still no damaged valves. Estimate for the repair About a grand Ouch Still no wonder there was no fault code shown. Still wondering if its worth getting fixed or scrapping, trouble is I have just spent £800 on a new clutch and DMF Paul
  8. Mondeo Broken Help Needed

    Thanks for the replies guys Injector problem The trouble is the car won't start, and if one or even 2 injectors have failed the engine will still try to start and an error code would be produced eg ( Injectors out of knock threshold or something ) Turbo Problem Again the engine would still start with a turbo failure and again an error code would be produced eg (Low Flow through MAF) Its starting to look like a Lack of Fuel (Pump etc) problem Or Lack of Compression (Timing Chain Jump etc) The main problem is the lack of fault code and every garage I have phoned so far have all been stumped buy the lack of fault code. Looks like basic diagnostics are no longer part of the Mechanics Training. Too much reliance on Computers. I have now had the car towed, hopefully the repair bill won't be to outrageous
  9. Mondeo Broken Help Needed

    Its difficult to say, it was not White but sort of very dark grey Paul
  10. Mondeo Broken Help Needed

    Hi Thanks for the reply The EGR Valve was Cleaned out and blocked of some months ago. I have now had a chance to change the TDC Censor and that made no difference as well. Paul
  11. Hi Guys I am in need of a bit of urgent help with my 55 plate 2 ltr 115psi TDCi My car conked out today. It started fine and drove to the first set of traffic lights and then when I went to pull away there was no throttle and just clouds of smokes from the exhaust. I called out the RAC and when there guy connected his computer there where no error codes stored. I have been recovered home and double checked the error codes with my reader and again there are no error codes stored Anyone got any thoughts on where to look first before I take it to a dealer which I would rather not do, for obvious reasons. The RAC Guy did suggest trying the TDC Sensor but the one he had on the van was the wrong type for my Car Anyone got any thoughts on this, Thanks in advance for any help Paul
  12. Hi Guys I have one of the Sony 6CD units in my Mk3 Mondeo It has the common problem with the CD's stuck, and I only ever loaded 3 CD's to try and avoid this but it still happened. Anyone got a Guide on hove toi dismantle the unit to retrive the CD's. I got as fare as removing the front and the top, I can see the Cd's but cannot figure out how to get them out. Anyone got any tips on this Thanks Paul
  13. Hi Guys I have a 55 plate Mondeo in Stardust silver that needs a dent in the door repaired. I have all the equipment but its been a long time (30 years) since I sprayed a car. What type of paint should I be buying to repair the door, 1k, 2k, Acrylic, Synthetic, cellulose or something else. Halfrauds paint guy said cellulose would be fine. but then he would say that as thats all they sell. I have no access to an oven if that makes any difference to the choice. Thanks for any input on this. Paul
  14. 'True' mpg figures?

    Hi On my 55 2.0 TDCi I get 52mpg on the trip and 42mpg on calculator, I suspect the caculator is correct This is on a mix of Local and Motoway driving
  15. Code readers

    Hi I have 2 code readers both from fleaBay and both came with a disc of codes.