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  1. Ford Focus Knocking Sound

    I have a knocking sound when going over slight bumps. Took it to the garage last Thursday and it was the bushes!
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, Please excuse my lack of mechanical knowledge. Recently I have been experiencing a strange scraping noise coming from the front of the car. When the vehicle is stationary, and I rev the engine, the noise is not present. If I shift it into first and pull away casually and economic, there is no problem. But when Its in second, third, fourth and 5th and if I accelerate more, not full throttle but just enough to fell some pull, I get an intermittent scrapping noise. Its not a constant noise but seems to be broken up. I experience this in all situations, but its more noticeable when going up hill. Could anyone experience some light on this problem. Its hard to say if its getting any worse. The car has just had its 75,000 mile service, so the oil has just been changed. (I have been experiencing this before the oil change). Its a 2008 Mk2.5 Focus. 1.6 Petrol Style Thanks
  3. Mk2.5 (Style) Seems Alot Noisy Then My Old Mk1

    Its a 1.6 petrol - Manual. Its a 2008 mk2.5 style Cheers. p.s. Only makes the noise when in gear. If that helps, If i rev it when in neutral theres no noise other than the revs.
  4. Is This Noise Normal In First Gear??

    I have a 1.6 mk2.5 style. I've watched your video and assuming that the gearboxes aren't completely different. That does not sound the same as mine! Have you had any luck diagnosing the problem? Or do I have a problem :o .
  5. Mk2.5 (Style) Seems Alot Noisy Then My Old Mk1

    I have the mk2.5 1.6 style and I agree, it is indeed quite loud vehicle. I've recently started to notice a sort of grinding noise when accelerating. It hard to explain the noise. It could almost be described as a vibrating metal sounds but at the same time its like metal is being scrapped. Only when I accelerate. Doesen't occur all of the time but is noticeable from inside the cabin. Has anyone experienced this sound?
  6. My 1.6 Mpg Tests....

    How old is your focus? Do you have the trip computer that gives you an average MPG output? I've always been curious to how accurate that read out is. I normally average (according to the computer) 35 mpg. If I reset it and take it on the motorway doing an average of 50mph I get 50 miles per gallon. Does anyone else have the computer and actually filled and refilled after your journey to test how accurate it is?
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums MackScania :)

    1. MackScania


      Thank you very much Steve :)