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  1. Ok it seems the clicking only occurs whilst going into biting and changing gears, something to do with clutch also when taking into reverse gear you can hear a click. sent from S3 using app
  2. There seem to be no error codes on the system. Over the weekend I will get the fuse box out and reinsert all the fuses. Its a bot of astruggle to get to as its under the glove compartment on the passenger side. sent from S3 using app
  3. Reverse stays on regardless of putting into reverse. Start moving and it flickers randomly. Had to take the lights off yesterday as it got dangerous for other road users. sent from S3 using app
  4. Ok....I have checked the battery power on the on board system and its at 13.5 whilst the engine is running. Is that where it should be? With the reverse light...now it stays on when the key is turned once without the engine running. sent from S3 using app
  5. Would the battery power affect the reverse light madness??? sent from S3 using app
  6. All other lights seem to be ok although I have notice the head lights do flicker and I canbhear clicking on the fuse box whilst driving which is located under the passengers feet. sent from S3 using app
  7. Hi, reverse lights are flashing on there own accord. Some times with the clutch; brake or even whilst on stand still. sent from S3 using app
  8. tired.......need sleep

  9. Help Needed With S Max Reverse Light

    Hi Gregers, very silly but where is the rear hatch gator??? Many thanks
  10. I have a smax 1.8tdi 06 plate. I was told by drivers that my reverse light keeps flashing whilst I was driving. What could be causing this??? Inhave also seen thst when the key is turned one notch both reverse loghtd come on. I think the lights come on when I change gears or may be when I break. Can some one please help. Thanks J
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums jayhus123 :)