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  1. I know! I can't believe he treated me that way. And what makes it even worse is that I don't feel there's anything I could have done to make him pay for the repairs himself. According to the CAB I would have had to give him the chance to repair it himself first, which he clearly wasn't going to admit even needed doing. And then, to take him to court to get someone else to repair it, would cost ridiculous amounts of money and would end up my word against his...and I'd be more likely to win the lottery than win the case. Ah well, at least I didn't pay his call-out fee on the day he broke it (and oddly enough, he hasn't been chasing it up either).
  2. Update 2: Car is finally, completely repaired! Second mechanic managed to drill out the bolts and find suitable replacements, so a new rocker cover wasn't necessary in the end. It's also got a new timing belt, oil filter, oil change, spark plugs, core plugs, drive belt, cam belt and loose wire secured...so hopefully won't need any further work for awhile. Cost £800 in total, but I feel more secure knowing that it's been done properly. Thank you so much for your advice everyone!!
  3. Update! Second mechanic tested the head and, as expected, there are no problems. But the car lasted a week before the problem recurred. Second mechanic is now trying to get a better seal for the core plugs as he says it was all pretty rusty, making it difficult to get a good seal. My main problem is that he says that it's not possible to purchase just the bolts needed to hold the rocker cover in place, but that I need to buy a whole new rocker cover. I've done a quick google, but can find many examples of bolts being sold in packs... Also, he says that I'm going to need a new cam belt since it'll get stretched when he removes it whilst removing the head to drill out the bolts. Please, please tell me I'm not being taken for a ride?!? I'm doing my best to try to understand what's really necessary, hence the googling, but am worried I'm getting caught up and misunderstanding all the info available on the www.
  4. Photos! Arts, that is exactly what my car looks like. And it's the 3 little bolts that hold the cover in place over top of that which have snapped. I've tried adding some photos of my engine. You'll have to bear with me though, as it's the first time I've tried this. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/rakp1328lf0ap6i/CCtpLYoJ_N
  5. Thanks! I've just text him with a plan of action: replace cover and use silicone where the bolts are snapped. Replace core plugs. Test head/gasket problem. If fine, then get an engineer to drill out the snapped bolts. I really appreciate everyone's input and patience with me. I'll come back later in the week and let you know how we get on. :-)
  6. Ah, just heard back from my first mechanic. He says "I couldn't see any evidence of the core plugs at fault but could see hair lines around the cylinder head and there were water bubbles around the lines." Does this change anything? I had specifically asked him if any tests had been completed.
  7. Again, thank you so much! One last question though - can the car be driven with its 'temp refit'? I'm only asking as the car is currently on my drive and the second mechanic is not mobile and would like to complete the work in his workshop.
  8. Second mechanic seemed to think that the bolts needed to be sorted first? He said an engineer would need to drill the bolts out, otherwise the rocker cover wouldn't seal properly. I'm trying desperately to remember his exact words, as that's the part I foolishly didn't write down. Firstly he wanted to replace the core plugs (he felt they're leaking on top of the head causing coolant onto the spark plugs). Then he also wanted to do a compression test and cylinder leakage test to diagnose the head. He felt that if the bolts couldn't be removed then I'd need a new head regardless. So this part isn't exactly accurate? Thank you so much, btw, for being so incredibly patient with me. I really appreciate it!
  9. Oh, I don't actually know the answer to that. The second mechanic showed me 3 snapped bolts, still attached to the head. He said they were used to fasten the rocker cover securely. He compared them to a few that had come out without a problem, to show me that they had indeed snapped.
  10. The first mechanic removed the rocker cover before speaking to me. I thought it was necessary to make a diagnosis? After he'd removed it, he then came and knocked on my door telling me that it was a cracked head. I'm pretty certain he told me that he could see a faint crack, but I'm now hoping he'd actually used some type of test to decide this. That was when he said it would cost approx. £1000, but he wouldn't know until he could source parts. At no point did he mention the snapped bolts. My second mechanic said that, judging by the amount of rust there was, it was likely to be a core plug problem. His issue with the bolts was that he wouldn't be able to get a proper seal with the rocker if they weren't removed. And he's not convinced that they can be. He was going to contact his engineer to see what he could manage.
  11. When the first mechanic removed the rocker cover, I believe he was still trying to diagnose the problem. He's a mobile mechanic, so was working on my driveway. I've assumed that's what he was doing anyways. The second RAC guy had just been the day before, leaving a note that he thought it might be the core plugs or a cracked head, amongst other possibilities. My first mechanic was just there to diagnose the problem.
  12. Ok, so to accurately diagnose a cracked head he couldn't just use a visual check? He'd have to have completed other tests then? I really want him to be correct, much as it would cost my bank balance, because he's my usual mechanic and I've always trusted him. But the second guy I've used is also highly recommended as well...
  13. wase - he only said it would need replacing if the bolts couldn't be drilled out. And he's not hopeful that they can, due to their position (I believe). What he also said, that got me thinking, was that the first mechanic should have told me the minute the first bolt snapped. The face he'd carried on and not told me, in his (the second mechanic's) opinion, was dishonest.
  14. Thanks for the input. Am still unsure as to which mechanic to believe. I know the second mechanic, who believes it's a core plug issue, wasn't able to complete any testing without the rocker cover in place. He mentioned it would need a compression check and a cylinder check. I've just sent a text to the original mechanic asking how he diagnosed the cracked head and will let you know his response when I get it. Just for information though, how are cracked heads usually diagnosed? I've been trying to research this on the web with confusing results (many mention exhaust issues, which I've never noticed).
  15. Hiya! I've just had a second opinion on my car and am completely confused now. A bit of back story... Car started juddering and losing acceleration a few weeks ago. Called the RAC, who diagnosed water in the spark plugs. It was brown and yucky, with a few pebbles. He recommended new spark plugs and HT leads, which I had done by my usual mobile mechanic. A week later it started juddering again. Again called the RAC, who discovered pink liquid in with the spark plugs this time, identified as engine coolant with his Hydrometer. My usual mobile mechanic came out and identified it as a cracked head. He quoted £1000 for the work to be done and would get back to me when he could source second-hand parts. Today I had a second opinion done by another mechanic. He discovered that the first mechanic had snapped 3 bolts off on the head. His opinion is that it's a core plug problem, as I drove it for a week before having any other problems. He's also said that I need an engineer to drill out the bolts, but it probably won't work and I'll need a new head now regardless. I went back to my usual mechanic with this. He's agreed that the bolts did snap off but that they can be drilled out. He stands by his diagnosis of a cracked head. Now this is what I'm confused by. Two separate diagnoses for 1 problem. And a disagreement over how it can be done, as my second mechanic said he couldn't diagnose a cracked head without completing a compression test and a cylinder test (which he can't do now with the rocker cover off). I'm hoping someone with more knowledge of engines could shed some light on this for me please?