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  1. ianmarwell

    Ford Focus ST Line

  2. ianmarwell

    Ford Focus ST Line

    2016 Focus, sure it's sync2
  3. ianmarwell

    Ford Focus ST Line

    Thought it would be simple ...not
  4. ianmarwell

    Ford Focus ST Line

    Is it possible to retro install the Sat Nav software onto Sync consol?
  5. ianmarwell

    Ford Focus ST Line

    Is it possible to retro install the Sat Nav software onto Sync consol?
  6. ianmarwell

    Fiesta Zetec S Mountune Short Throw Shifter

    It didn't on mine, saying that I never told them.....Only got stung when I done the full upgrade
  7. ianmarwell

    Fiesta Door Seals

    Been back to the dealers tonight......another waste of time. Classed as trim will not touch it as car is over 1 year old.......tossers
  8. ianmarwell

    Fiesta Door Seals

    Car was first registered in Jan 2012...Thanks for your help.
  9. ianmarwell

    Fiesta Door Seals

    this is the problem, see picture
  10. ianmarwell

    Fiesta Door Seals

    Bought car when it was approx. 14 months old, noticed straight away the bottom of the door seals on both doors were coming apart, looks like they have been caught getting in and out of the car. Took car to dealer and asked if they could be repaired under warranty. We all know what the answer was....no....its trim !. So tried various rubber glues and eventually got them stuck back down. Fast forward 11 months later and its like a festering sore...Door seals should not come apart like this. Seen numerous posts where people have taken them back to dealer and complained etc,etc...its a known fault etc.etc.and it has been repaired. Car has about 9 months warranty left. Question. Is there anywhere I can get the info together, or contact FORD direct and say Mr Dealer fix this its not normal wear and tear ?
  11. ianmarwell

    Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 - Side Skirt

    I've applied as much pulling force as I dare. The flippin thing will not budge. If I pull any harder it going to break..... .
  12. frustrated with the state of these Alloys

  13. I know this has been asked before but how do you remove the car jack covers from the Zetec S side skirt. Back ones pop out ok but I swear down if I pull any harder on the front 2 I'm either going to crack the skirt or pull the hole thing off. I suspect they have never been removed since it left the factory... Any top tips ??
  14. ianmarwell

    Ford Fiesta Zetec S Alloy Wheel Proble

    Car was only 13 months old when I bought it and it was on then. Getting gradually worse every week. Me thinks the wheels are going to need repainting.
  15. ianmarwell

    Fiesta Steering Wheel Controls Problem!

    Dealer just replaced button under warranty.....finally works :)