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  1. Hi - New to this forum, hope you can help me out here. =) I am new to Ford as well, just got me a pretty new Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi premium. The car is still under warranty, and I am having a few issues with it and I am trying to gather as much information as possible before I contact the dealer. Problem 1: Touch screen unresponsive when car is hot, voice command going haywire. Left the car in the parking lot while I was at work. It was pretty sunny out and my car got pretty hot inside. No direct sun on the touch-screen though, the car was just hot. Started fine, but the touch-screen refused to come on, rear-view camera did not engage or come on on the screen when I put the car in reverse. Started driving and suddenly the voice-command lady came on with "command please" repeatedly. It went away when the interior had cooled down after the AC had been on for a while, the screen also came on and functioned as normal after that. Problem 2: Button light for air-flow indicators not lighting up, buttons do work. After a few days with around 15 degrees outside (60F) and rain, I started the car in my garage (car is normally parked in this dry garage). Because it was a rainy day, I immediately wanted to switch the airflow from blowing into the car, to flow up to the front window. Upon pressing the button to change the airflow to the front window, it refused to light up. By checking the status of the air-flow trough the touch screen "climate" menu, I could see that the airflow changed as requested when I pressed the button, but the button refused to light up to indicate that it was activated. This affects all buttons related to air-flow to the feet, flow into the car and flow to the windshield, it's not consistent which one of them becomes unresponsive. After arriving at work after around 30 minutes of driving, the light for the button controlling the air-flow to the windshield suddenly came on by itself. This morning (same conditions), both the light on the button for air-flow to the feet and into the car was unresponsive again, buttons still worked though, as per check via the climate menu on the touch-screen. The car is otherwise really wonderful in all other aspects, really nice to drive, low fuel consume and the premium interior and equipment-list is really impressive. Looks like something is mucking up the electronics in the car for some reason. Can this be a software bug? Anyone ever heard about similar problems with the 2012 Mondeo premium? Would be nice to have some suggestions for the service personnel, as these cars are essential computers these days. Regards
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums znapper :)