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  1. New Memeber - New Problem

    Can't have enough of them! An update maybe a clue! When sat in idle when turning the wheel the revs tend to rev with the motion of the wheel
  2. New Memeber - New Problem

    cheers will hopefully check soon on a sunnier day!
  3. Hello thankyou for letting me join this very useful community, i be amazed and thankfull if this can be sorted here, here goes, i have a ford focus 2002, 1.4, it revs a little when in neutral no more then couple hundred rpm, but find this annoying the car also has cut out without warning or stalling at very low speeds when not being revved, it also some times won't start unless you either rev the car until it eventually starts or turn the key just before ignition on and off i've had a look at different post and seen the idle control valve could be a problem so i replaced it so far its still the same thankyou for any help much appreciated
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums danskihill :)