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  1. Name That Part! Idling Issues - Pics

    That microcat is great. I tapped the code for the bracket I am also after, into Google, and brought up a dealer that does the part for about £8
  2. Name That Part! Idling Issues - Pics

    I really dont mind. Rather try it myself before taking to Ford down the road as they have done me over 3 times in the last 2 years. I have thought about it being the MAF and cleaned that but to no avail. May have made it worse if anything. Eeek. The mis-idle goes away when I unplug this but cant rule out sensors attached to it. You know a good 2nd hand parts place?
  3. Name That Part! Idling Issues - Pics

    Bloomin heck guys. Thanks very much. I can see I'll come here more often ... well, hopefully not, if you know what I mean - just to offer my own (small) knowledge. I wonder if, as its a vacuum, it'll be affecting my bouncy idling. Only bouncy when its first started and usually when its above, say, 9 degrees temp wise. The other day it was 7 degrees in the am and it was fine. No kangarooing at all.
  4. Name That Part! Idling Issues - Pics

    Hmmm, I dont know. It has two air (?) pipes going into it underneath. The bracket it is on has broke so need to buy a new one .... just need to know what I am asking for! ;)
  5. Hiya guys, trying to whittle down the issues I'm having with my CMax, 2.0 TDCI 2005. Can you name the part arrowed (This is same as my engine, not my pic)
  6. Hiya, coming back to the blue Oval from being a VAG owner. Got some issues with my new wheels but hope to be here to give advice, not just to take it. Cheers.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Munkee36 :)