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  1. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Hahaa il remember that next time you need my help ;)
  2. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Well as most of you now know I've exchanged the Fiesta ST for a BMW 218i M Sport I'm awaiting delivery of. However it looks as if il be staying around after all due to a change of job roles which now means il be getting a company Ford Focus to replace my current Vauxhall Vivaro van. So il be hopefully helping out in the focus and fiesta side of the forum now
  3. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    The footwell bulbs just pull out if you look up to see them. The interior centre light just pulls down using a pry tool to push the metal clip in revealing the back to be able to change the bulbs.
  4. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    No it's a factory build mine, but is the same colour and model as the one pictured minus options etc so will look very similar
  5. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Yeh unfortunately it's a downgrade performance wise, rear wheel drive though and still enough power there for day to day driving. Just wanted a nicer car for abit if I'm honest, plenty of time for an RS or Golf R etc
  6. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Yeh probli man, can keep track if you've still got me on Instagram anyway at Nathan54771. Cheers mate, can't wait now.
  7. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Yeh I've seen the "m" front and sides, il definitely be looking into it. Hahaa Phil I'd love the new RS, maybe after the Beemer 😛 I've already watched the dvd of how to drive like a t-w*t 😂 Won't be driving it through Trafford park in the day as I have a company vehicle, my cars are only ever used evening and weekends which suits me.
  8. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Not as of yet, just wanna get the car and enjoy it first. Then il see what I can find 😛
  9. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Hahaa time for a change and I know I must say cars are definitely my weak spot. Gotta enjoy something in life though I suppose. Thanks dude appreciate it, I'm so excited. There awesome cars and I have a feeling this will be staying longer than a year 😂
  10. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Yeh only because I didn't want to give them all my parts, got £800 back selling them all so went towards the deposit.
  11. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    So today was the day I've decided to part ex the fiesta ST-3 and ordered myself a new BMW 218i M Sport, due for delivery in October. So got a month of the ST still yet. Been great on here and il still be around and answering any questions etc. cheers guys. New car pictures
  12. Fiesta St180 Gear Gaiter

    My standard st one is restitched in red,cheapest and easiest way to be honest. Looks good enough.
  13. My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

    Eyebrow tint ? If you mean the eyebrows on the front lights then yes it is just gloss black vinyl wrap that is placed onto my light units. Nothing special thankfully :) The lights are tinted with smoked clear tint aswell Hahaa i know the feeling
  14. Fiesta Black Sports Grill

    Yeh it's a straight swap, use this..... http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/42907-guide-2013-mk-75-facelift-fiesta-zetec-s-front-grill-install/
  15. Will's Molten Orange St

    Yeh gloss exterior plastics make a massive difference 👌🏼