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  1. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    It's pretty annoying this is coming out after i already bought and fitted the older version not long ago.. Price seems very competitive as its the same as my singlepass and with a significant drop in temps over the older one too.. My drop of 20C over the std intercooler does not seem to give enough headroom when the engine management cut-off temp is set so low..
  2. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    Nice information you posted, and the air temp values are almost the same drop as i had, 60C to 40C and the new massive one almost halves the temp once again.. Most of the gains from the Airtec is because of the outboard mounting and that carries on with the monster dual pass, i indeed agree that the Mountune IC is a waste of money and wont give you any benefits as goingwith the "step" up as the Airtec.. I would say its overkill to go with the dual pass if your going for normal upgrades and a map up to say 160hp, when you feel the need to fit new pistons and rods this would be a smart upgrade.. What about oil cooling and you also need to do oil changes more frequently, as i would think that the eco oil will degrade much faster when violating it with more hp..?
  3. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    I more like this package for sure and go for it, and i wish used my brain and went for the mountune kit and it would have been cheaper and easier to fit.. But im keping it for now and getting a map with the changes i've made for now.. A lot of aftermarket parts fits like it was made for another car, all my induction parts from AS and silicone tubes from J1 i had to modify.
  4. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    I know and i guess there's never been the need for these big bucket like cone filters, and its something we/i've fitted without any knowledge about airflow.. I'm only 150£+ new hose out of pocket, as i had to cut and ruin a new silicone hose the fit it because of space issues. Please go for the Mountune style airfilter box or stick with the stock airfilter box, others are money down the drain imo.. Anyone have options for exhaust upgrades, maybe fitting 140hp model parts etc. after a downpipe+cat upgrade? - I want to wait with a upgrade here as i dont want a new rear bumper and want to hide the rear silencer tail pipe as the stock one..
  5. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    Exactly the same points i have about it, i got tired of it 15 mins after finished fitting all the pipework and filter.
  6. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    The induction noises are very prominent, and with a stock engine its show/sound and no go, and i would have been fine with it had i got 300hp, but not 155-160 as im aiming at.. The induction side is now not the issue even with the stock filter arrangement, the plug is now the exhaust.. But i want to keep mine as stealthy and quiet as possible, but i failed at the first try and as i felt obligated to fit a boyracer filter too..
  7. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    It does but the bottom airflow to the front mounted intercooler is nonexsistant, but the water cooling radiator is getting some air from there too.. As i wrote there are pro and cons to lift the intercooler, and its either to sacrifice some watercooling airflow, and you would need to make some other pipes if one chooses to use the Airtec intercooler kit.. The airtemp was measured and about 20C lower then the usual Fiesta suspects with the original inboard intercooler, the open filter arrangement would not make much of a difference, and one should know that the original filter box is arranged so the MAF gets the correct readings and making a map for a boyracer cone filter needs a lot more adjustments then i can afford.. My hp readings dropped from 108 to 106hp with the cone filter on, and a lot of uneven power without a new map, just be aware of this if you're thinking of buying a kit designed like the AS, and i would we weary about the R-Sport also and the like, and you need the correct mapping that includes these changes..
  8. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    I'm never going back to cone filters EVER, the extreme darth vader noise just dont fit a small eco car like the Fiesta..
  9. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    There are 2 hard pipes with the kit and they have the same shape, and i guess you could but your also blocking more air to the water cooling radiator, the pipe going into the top is already touching the surrounding bodywork, and i could not lift it more then this with the shapes of the pipes, the lower outlet has more space to work with.. The Airtec cooler is only getting air through the grill, the bottom of the intercooler is hidden and no airflow from the lower grill is adding any cooling, that is why i want to open the top grill more for increased airflow..
  10. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    You're 100% correct, this kit and other kits like it make more problems, and the noises are insanely annoying, pfffssjt ALL THE TIME even at low revs and you cant drive around town without ppl thinking you're a !Removed!, i had a drop in hp when it was tested stock with this filter kit too, its also hard to fit properly and the filter is to big and it was touching the shield and other places.. I wanted the more expensive AS kit with the filter placed further to the front with a 90dg bend, but it was sold out. Pumaspeed has a simular kit, but the increase in induction noise is horrible so if im gonna upgrade it would be a kit like the mountune.. I found out the hard way that the maf sensor didnt like the way the air was fed through this cheap arrangement of a simple block welded to a pipe where the maf is placed..
  11. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    Here is the placement of my Airtec on my Fiesta, and its far from the ideal placement but the 1.0T compared to the ST180 upgrade, the overall pipe lenght would be 3-4 times longer i would guess, and the original pipe work and hoses 1.0T VS 1.6T is somewhat different as we know.. Its not 9 squares i need to modify, its 6 squares at the bottom of the grill is what i want to remove, but its quite hard to see easely on the backside where the cuts needs to start and end..
  12. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    I had the guard on the kit contained, i was glad to get rid of it tho as the darth vader noises were annoying..
  13. Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

    I mounted the Airtec intercooler on my 1.0T 100ps a month ago, and i havnt got it mapped yet, my problem was the boyracer airfilter kit from AS, and i did'nt bring the original airfilter box and i had issues with judder and lacking performance, but i thought it was because of all the changes i made and the original map on the car.. The shop told me that they couldent map it because of the maf sensor might get wrong readings because of the aftermarket filter, but the airtemp dropped from normally 60-65C to 32-40C when they map 1.0T engines, as we know the smaller original intercoolers are hidden in the engine bay and also meet lack of airflow.. I went back home quite sad but fitted the original filter box and the judder issues went away, so im still waiting to get a new schedule to get it remapped once again My Airtec as well as others who mount it will see that the bumper covers most of it, there is only an inch "radiator" showing behind the grill, as the grill is not perforated in the bottom, i was fitting the airtec intercooler the day before and i ran out of time, i want to dremmel out 9 squares on the grill to allow more airflow to the intercooler before i map it next time...
  14. I ordered parts from ND-Tuning over 2 weeks ago and already planned a remap for thursday. But my order just got dispatched today so i have to wait atleast another week and make a new schedule with the guy im using for my remap. New airtec intercooler, all the induction pipe, sili hoses and airfilter, and a new engine mount bushings are gonna be fitted. hopefully ill hit 160bhp - but time will tell..
  15. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Your choice should'nt have been what the seller wanted you to buy, but your needs of buying a diesel VS Eboost... Most of us bought the 1.0 100/125PS versions because of the decent power they got the drive the Fiesta, and the higher mpgs they deliver (Not really in my case). Diesels are chosen by ppl who do long trips to work every day, and dont do city crawling that much, as diesels need a longer warmup period on every drive so they dont clog up over time, its no wonder ppl call diesel the fuel from hell, if you dont drive the car as intended..