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  1. Overlays/ Gel Badge

    Are the Mk3 badges the same size as Mk2? I thought I'd never be able to get these anymore since DMB stopped them.
  2. Hello, I'm after some advice... Last Sunday I was driving along and when I changed gear my clutch pedal suddenly clicked and its not been the same since... It was quite loud at first but then gradually got quieter. It was something I could feel as well as hear. Now it's not really audible but the feeling of the pedal is horrible. It's got the clicky jolt when I depress the clutch and its not as firm as it was before. I managed to get my head down there and look to see what was happening and there is a rod that comes from the master cylinder? that goes onto the back of the pedal assembly which is slipping every time I depress the pedal. Should there be some kind of clip that holds this rod in place on the back of the pedal or has something bent that would keep the rod in the right place. Any assistance is muchly appreciated! :) Thanks
  3. Rattling From The Rear! / First Mods?

    Hi, sorry I haven't had time to look at mine yet as its not my everyday car at the moment but if I do find out for definite ill let you know mate
  4. Rattling From The Rear! / First Mods?

    OK Cool, thanks... I'll have a look :)
  5. Hi Everyone, I wonder if anyone has had this same problem and could shed any light on it!? I bought a 2005 Focus 2.0 tdci 6spd Titanium at the weekend and discovered a horrible rattling noise coming from the offside rear wheel area whenever I go over any uneven surface. Thing is, the noise stops when I brake so I put the handbrake on 2 clicks and can drive with no noise at all. Obviously this is not ideal as a fix, so was wondering if anyone had any idea at all of what it could be? I have looked around the area that its coming from and cannot see anything that is loose or has play. Any help would be much appreciated. Also... I am looking to start modding the new Focii once I've built some funds back up from the purchase. What are the best things to start with on a pre-F/L model? I am planning to get a bluefin or remap (not decided yet) and probably a DPF delete, although had a new filter at 80K but has now done 105K; should I still remove to save future hassle? What you guys reckon?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Jasonrenn :)