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  1. 2011 Plate S Max Low Fuel ?? :s

    no not a smell atall that i can notice meself, wudnt even notice ther was a prob with the car apart frm the fact the eml came on and gave that fault code so want to get it sorted before it gets any worse
  2. 2011 Plate S Max Low Fuel ?? :s

    ok ill try cleanin the fuel filter an fuel lines tmra, u think checkin the fuel pressure sensor mite b the prob? i just want to get all the maybe's so i can check them all at once. i got autodata to check what the reading should b for the sensor
  3. 2011 Plate S Max Low Fuel ?? :s

    ill have a try of that tomorrow, any other ideas apart from the fuel pump just incase, if it is low fuel pressure it is before the fuel pump if i am correct not after yes?
  4. 2011 Plate S Max Low Fuel ?? :s

    were is the fuel pump located on this car, is it possible to clean the pump out, if so how do i do it? :D
  5. 2011 Plate S Max Low Fuel ?? :s

    maybe a pierced hole in the fuel line before the pump, that another reason i am thinking?
  6. 2011 Plate S Max Low Fuel ?? :s

    so what do you recomend, clean the fuel lines out beofre the fuel pump? if it not that you think the fuel pump?
  7. i have a 2011 S-Max 2.0 Petrol. for the last 2 weeks my engine management light comes on for a couple of miles and then goes back off. it has not gone into limp mode or change any performance in the car. i took it to a garage and got the fault code p2636 low fuel pressure. i am usually good with cars but with this one havent got an idea what could be the fault any ideas as it doesnt even have a fuel filter which i thought would of been the problem at 1st. thanks for your time
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums owlass :)