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  1. Hi guys. I have owned my 2001 focus mk1 for coming up to two years now and I have just realised that I would not recognise my alarm if it was going off. Any ideas how I can test it? Incidental, would I need the key fob working to shut it off? I think it needs recoding. I left it uncharged for a long time and now after changing the battery it still isn't working.
  2. Hi guys. I am considering installing some daytime running lights on my mk1 focus. I'm probably going to fix them behind the lower grill. I was just after some advice on good kit to buy. Lights Control unit Any thoughts? Rob
  3. Ok, I've got a mechanic friend to look at it. He says he can't see anything that would be of concern right now. He's gassed it all up with dye and told me to take it to see him again if it stops working. I heading up his way again next week so I am going to try and blast the A/C for this week in an effort to see where the dye goes.
  4. The condencer has been replaced on it and the wiring has been refitted. They say the compressor has a leak- checked with UV dye. I think the time estimate involved bleeding and regassing the system too.
  5. So I've got a friend who will be taking a look at the A/C for me. He thinks it is worth while checking for leaks or blockages in the pipes before ruling that the compressor needs replacing. Taking it in to see him on Sunday, see how accurate the guy was who I was dealing with before.
  6. How much are you selling it for?
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the advice. I'm going to think this over this month before I get my next pay check to see if I can really make this affordable. Thanks a lot for that link artscot79! That should bring some of the cost down. The guy says he could get the part for £215 but there is still the 2 hours labour to fit it.
  8. Hey guys. Just got the bad news after £300 of work done already that the compressor has a leak. Apparently this will require a replacement compressor. The choice I have is a new compressor at about £270 (Euro Car Parts) + fitting or getting a secondhand compressor. After already spending a bunch on trying to get the AC going it seems annoying to have to spend as much or more on replacing this part too. Without it seems I wasted that £300. The car is a 2001 focus so I am not sure how well a second-hand one would go as I'll be looking at parts at least 10 years old (unless the newer Focus' use exactly the same part). Is there any advice as to what I should go for (new/second hand/cut my losses)?
  9. Tinting And Sun Strip

    Fair enough, thanks for the quick response. Rob
  10. Hi guys Just wondering if its a pain to get window tinting and sunstrips installed youtself of it its worth getting it done professionally. Rob
  11. Mk1 Suspension

    Wow, ok. Thanks for the advice guys. I wanted to maybe have a go on the front set myself. The rear ones I will probably get a garage to do. There is a local independant that is prett good.
  12. Mk1 Suspension

    Damn, this is starting to sound worse and worse. Sounds like I am better off just getting the small job of the top mount and strut link done and leave the rest.
  13. Mk1 Suspension

    Wow, that sounds kind of a huge job. I am sort of wondering if I might just save the cash a bit to maybe get a newer car. The Focus runs ok and I like it a lot but I just wonder about how much to sink in to a 13 year old car.
  14. Mk1 Suspension

    Hey guys Looking to replace the suspension on my 01 plate Focus. The old girl needs some top plate and strut mount repairs but all the springs are corroded so I'm thinking of getting the whole lot replaced. I'm thinking of maybe taking this opportunity to fit lowering springs too. Has anyone got any recommendations? I've been told that the rear units are difficult to replace and may require some parts to be broken to get into it. The price difference I've been given is £106 per front and £160 per rear does this sound about right?
  15. Bad luck made D: Not got any help here. I need to go get myself a whole new set of wheels because the ones that came on the car are too small. But that's for another thread and a time when I have a bit more cash on hand. If you have standard alloys then I guess you could visit a scrap dealer and see if you can get a wheel off of an old car.