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  1. My 1980 Escort

  2. Hey All From Germany :)

    its in Forums->Galleries->Vampiros Fotos and Images
  3. Hey All From Germany :)

    em i had create a Album and upload the Fotos in there...
  4. Hey All From Germany :)

    i have now upload fotos from restauration but how can i sort the fotos they are all confused ps:thats not all i have more fotos.But i dont know where atm... hehe
  5. Hey All From Germany :)

    Ok i do more Fotos,but i must 1st repair my Back.A VW has crashed in my car :( but i make Fotos of the repair :) I hope i am done at weekend.I will to a HotRod Meeting near Berlin...
  6. my eternal construction site

    feel free for questions or/and suggestions
  7. Hey All From Germany :)

    Hey i do Pics in my Album.I try it later today :) I come from Dessau.Thats in the middle of Berlin and Leipzig :)
  8. Hi,i have restored a 1980 Ford Escort. I had hard worked and it was very hard to become all Pieces for my Car here in Germany... But now its done :) I have a 1988 RS Turbo Engine inside and have very much work on it. I have a Schult Bodykit.It was only for this Car in the 80`s and have 80`s BBS Aluwheels(is that the right word ? ) Sorry my english was in School and it was for a long time... Hm,what can i say...I drive Ford since 1994 and i dont want a other Car ;) I hope i find Friends here and can talk with you all. If you have Questions or Suggestions,feel free to contact me :) greetings from Germany your Vampiro
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Vampiro :)

    1. Vampiro


      Thank you :)