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  1. Hi Everyone, The rear washer hose on my 2003 Focus Estate has completley broken and I'm going to need to replace it. I've got a few questions. Does anyone know where the hose routes to the motor? Is it possible to purchase replacement hose. Thanks in advance.
  2. Focus TDCi Cutting Out

    Hello to everyone out there, I'm newish here and hope some one can help with this. I've got an 03 Focus TDCi (115) I've recently had the clutch and dual mass flywheel replaced. Since this work has been done the car is cutting out and has done this 4 times in two months. When the car cuts out all power is lost and the 'coil' light flashes. The car then restarts 15 mins - half an hour later. There are no DTC codes and a local garage cannot locate any problems. I'm not a car buff but, having researched the problem on the net I've read that the camshaft sensor is magnetic and may have attracted swarf from the old flywheel. Could anyone confirm if I'm on the right lines with this theory and where I find this sensor so I can clean it. If anyone has any other ideas I'd be happy to hear from them. Thanks in advance.
  3. Rumbling Clutch

    I've got a 2003 Focus TDCi when the car is stationary, not in gear with the clutch depressed I'm getting an intermittent rumbling. Is this likley to be the throw bearing or, worse case the Dual Mass Flywheel?
  4. I'm new here so hello to everyone :) . I have a 2003 focus TDCi and have a few problems that I need to get sorted. The first problem is I've got a leak from my clutch master seal. The clutch pedal is covered in fluid and I've got a loss of break fluid. How much is this likley to get sorted? The next problem my is that I cannot open my boot using either the internal boot release switch on the dash or the button on the key fob. I'm aware this is a common problem, am I right in thinking this is due to the switch being faulty? Is this an easy an easy DIY job? Thanks in advance.