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  1. I've got a MK6 Fiesty ZS, it's lowered 40mm. I'm wanting to get wheel spacers but I'm worried about rubbing. I was thinking 15mm, but I wanted to know if anyone had any problems?
  2. Black Zs Van

    I'm quite happy with the box, it's at setting 7 at the moment and it defiantly makes a difference to performance.. It's not really changed economy wise, but it's hard to say.. My right foots been a bit heavy!
  3. Black Zs Van

    Cheers, yea I ordered the crystal ones a few days ago..should be here on Monday. The orange ones are awful!
  4. This is my ZS, it's a derv car converted into a van. Here's a list of things I've done to it and things I've got planned. Done: Lowered 40mm HID Kit De badge DMB overlays Team Heko's Rear 'S' black inlay Grille 'S' Rear key lock cover Blacked out windows with vinyl Facelift headlights Facelift rear lights DTUK Tuning Box K&N Panel Filter LED Sidelights De-Tango'd front indicators Witter detachable tow bar Bulkhead and floor fitted Plans: De-Tango Rear lights Clear Side Repeaters LED Numberplate bulbs Colour Code all mouldings ST Sideskirts
  5. I googled "facelift rear lights on pre facelift mk6 fiesta" and your guide was there.. It's was clear to me, mine was a wee bit more confusing because it had a towbar fitted but your diagrams helped sort it out.
  6. I've already wired in the new lights just need the push locks.. I used your guide though, it was really clear and helpful!
  7. Haha, that's not too bad! Yea, think ill just tell them it's for the top two. Thanks mate!
  8. Cheers mate, don't suppose you remember how much they charged you?
  9. Does anyone know where I would be able to order some push locks for changing my pre-facelift rear lights to facelift? Cheers!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums JC46 :)