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  1. 'tis true :D Admittedly i do tend to use voice commands for that. But then again, voice commands don't usually work for me very well, it's only sync that does!
  2. New 2013 Titanium X

    Yeah, the colour does vary wildly. In overcast days (like the picture for my profile), it's a dark blue but with a strange sheen to it that makes it very obvious it's not your standard metallic finish, it really stands out despite being dark. In sunny days it's much lighter, in direct sunlight the colour can actually be more like a teal (I'm assuming the brochure pictures were taken in very bright light!). You do get every shade in between too. All in all, i think it's one of the best car colours i've seen :D
  3. I like sync :D It kinda just works for me and does everything o.O It even has perfectly working voice recognition (as in, it's always, without exception, done the right thing, that's a first for any voice thing ever). Maybe my sync systems loves me!
  4. Eco Mode On Titanium?

    lol, admittedly it doesn't look tinted from indoors that much.
  5. Eco Mode On Titanium?

    Indeed, as far as i know all of the trims (or at least zetec and above) have the shift up indicator don't they?
  6. Aviva are pretty awesome at the moment if you do it online (20% off). They're also a 5 star provider. My fiesta (insurance group 11) cost me ~£785 to insure for a year as a first car, 2 months after passing my test (i'm 23, which helped a bit though). Which was much lower than everything else by about £500. Also, yes, GAP, buy it (it's about £100-150). If you get your car written off, you'll be screwed otherwise unless you have a few grand lying around.
  7. New 2013 Titanium X

    The candy blue is definitely better than nautical imo. In the promotion materials it does look like a teal/baby blue but in reality it's more akin to a slightly lighter shade of the traditional 'Subaru' blue. September is a bit of a wait though! Although admittedly it took 2 months for my car too (which was also a 'created for order' fiesta).
  8. New Fiesta Ecoboost Groan When Reversing

    When i've had it, it doesn't matter how slowly i bring the clutch up, it won't work until i select 1st and change back! It's quite weird. It only tends to happen on slight slopes for me though (i don't think it's the hill assist though, the car simply does not select the reverse gear). It's usually not an issue since i tend to have the parking brake on when i'm going into reverse anyway until i'm ready to get moving, so the car doesn't start rolling anywhere. This has happened to me about 3 times over 1400 miles though, so not a big deal. It's certainly not a common occurance thus far.
  9. How Many Miles Do You Get From A Full Tank Of Fuel.

    Mk7.5, i've been getting around 450-500 miles (for example, my last 4/5ths of a tank took me to southampton (190 miles each way) and back, plus some driving around down there). Most of my driving tends to be on national speed limit or motorways though, although it is quite hilly around here. So far i've done 1400 miles on about 2.5-3 tanks of fuel (i tend to refuel somewhere between 1/5th and 1/3rd fuel left depending on what i'm planning).
  10. New 2013 Titanium X

    I think Candy Blue is the prettiest colour, but i do love blue :P Plus it just so happens that particular blue is pretty much the 'perfect' one as far as i'm concerned, it goes very well with the chrome and the contrast with the rear lights is lovely. Pictures of it (including the brochure, which makes it look like a teal colour when it's darker in reality) don't do it justice :) Unfortunately, you don't see many in dealerships in that colour or on the road (seeing as it's £750!) so there's few opportunities to see it 'in the wild'.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums The Comfy Chair :)