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  1. hi guys, been having a read through this thread over the last few days - and will be having a tinker with my 2008 focus titanium 1.8 Tdci soon - thanks for the efforts in making this a great resource for focus owners. My cluster rom is showing version 0230 at present. It seems pretty 'old' to that of 0509 going by just numbers... I have a cable on order. I take it this can only be used to read information prior to the mod like fault codes etc...will test it when it arrives before taking it apart to make sure its working fine.
  2. relating my other thread: i am going to get a reader to check what the DTC code is that is coming up as the ESP light is coming on and want to potentially avoid a silly garage bill if its a false code. i dont know about these readers so what about this, its not expensive but dont know what the difference is between models. what specifics should i look out for other than being able to reset the codes...
  3. hi there, thanks for your help :) i think i might do that. can you recommend a reader for me?
  4. What do those faults suggest? Anything serious? How do I reset the codes and would that make the ESP light turn off if it is reset successfully ?
  5. Forgot to say I have a 2008 facelift 1.8 TDCI TITANIUM.
  6. Hi guys, Today when turning the car on the ESP light stays on. The car is handling and braking normal. Checked the DTC code and there is one: DTC #01 A895 Does anyone know what this means? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Yesterday i noticed a very strange noise coming from under the bonnet whilst driving. It happens only when accelerating slightly hard. Heres the issue: the engine makes a 'whoooooshing' sound when accelerating slightly hard, normal acceleration is fine - it sounds like a burst of wind noise which is what i thought it was, but its definately not that as iv tested it many times now. What on earth is it? A turbo leak? This morning about a minute after setting off to begin my 40mile journey to work it happened but the engine malfunction light also came on - so i thought poo!....pulled over, stopped engine waited a bit then started up again and fine - but the same noise still as i had to check. Iv never had any warning lights come on to indicate anything needs topped up etc and Oil is fine as it was topped up 2 weeks ago. mpg was also 47mpg instead of around 54 which is the norm for me.... advice? thanks,
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  10. Hi guys, I dont normally look under the foot wells but i noticed something quite odd. I reached down to get something on the passenger side and i noticed the exposed insulation. I had a wee feel and it felt strange, not sure if its just how it is but felt almost damp....the areas that i touched changed colour too, to a dark grey as you can see from the it normal for the insulation to be exposed like this, it feels almost incomplete...also the bulb on the passengers side has no cover - just a bare bulb is that normal too? i have the new model focus btw. simba
  11. oh yeh i was and still am. my post wasnt clear but the incident happened in february and its still not back to the standard it should be. repair was done but the insurance company has appointed its solicitors to deal with the rectiification of the repair - someone came out earlier this week to inspect the damage and will report back. its a waiting game really. if anything i want cash - £150 minimum to get a professional detailer correct all this. Thats the basic price usually for paint correction.