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  1. Clarky2013

    Anyone Had Their Headlights Aligned

    im going to get it checked in the morning, swear I read on here a while back someone with an st had theirs done and alignment made it better for them
  2. As above anyone with the projector style headlights had them aligned or levelled in an MOT station? Using 4300k HIDs and still think the beam is too low and doesn't reach far enough on the road I think these come out the factory set too low, below the legal limit
  3. Clarky2013

    Rs Fiesta.

    Its not going to happen, even the guys who work for Ford in the dev centers are saying its all bs, just ask them on fb!
  4. Clarky2013

    Drinking Petrol In The Winter?

    my average mpg has gone through the floor the past 2 weeks, but as Matt says car feels a lot better to drive, turbos love the cold air!
  5. Clarky2013

    Hid Fitting Caused This Strange Issue !!

    The road surface hides the shadows in that pic, a mixture of mud and water on the road. I think because yours are brighter being 55w it may make the shadows stand out a but clearer aswell.
  6. Clarky2013

    Hid Fitting Caused This Strange Issue !!

    They look good, very bright. I went for 35w 4300k for the oem xenon look.
  7. Clarky2013

    Hid Fitting Caused This Strange Issue !!

    In all honesty I dont know but it sounds like a tricky thing to try. I found after a few days you don't seem to notice the shadow anymore.
  8. Clarky2013

    Hid Fitting Caused This Strange Issue !!

    Hi mate, on the st you will get those shadows with HID'S, it's the design of them. It's like that on mine and a friends st. I'm not sure if there is anything you can do about it. It looks like you do have the bulbs in correctly because the beam in the pic looks normal.
  9. Clarky2013

    Rear Parking Sensors

    A dealer will want the car for half a day to fit them mate. I've had it done on 2 fiestas. Doesn't them that long but that's the time frame they allocate.
  10. Clarky2013

    My St (Veronica)

    Looks stunning mate , great job
  11. Clarky2013

    St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    I've read both good and bad reviews about him. I haven't used him before so cant comment on personal experience.
  12. Clarky2013

    Some People...

    Echoing Marks comments, I'd go for a used door from a scrappies, if they can repair the dent it probably will need re spraying. All that adds up and you may find it costs more than getting a used door
  13. Clarky2013

    How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    Also need to remember if the 'improvements' we have listed here were added, then the fiesta wouldnt be so cheap and may put people off (By cheap I mean you can pick up a new st3 from DTD for little over 16k) I think Ford got the ST just right for the price. Yes there are options I would like that Ford dont offer, but for the money I think its spot on. (Apart from those awful Bridgestones lol)
  14. Clarky2013

    How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    For the ST 1. Xenon Lights 2. Another choice of alloys 3. LED's all round (interior and exterior) 4. Exterior gloss black plastics 5. Bigger and better brakes 6. More colour options 7. Heated Steering Wheel 8. Black headlights as standard (like all the press release ST's had) 9. Get rid of the crappy Bridgestones and fit PS3's as standard! ST4 anyone
  15. Clarky2013

    Mr Kit For January

    So just seen a comment from Mountune on facebook, MR kit for the mk7 ST release in January! (Didn't say which year though) :)