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  1. Happy Birthday donskoops!

  2. 1.0 Or 1.6 Which To Go For

    Im planning on upgrading to the grand cmax as my family is due to grow next year, I have been looking at 2 versions of the grand cmax titanium 1.0 ecoboost 125ps titanium 1.6 ecoboost 182ps but never can find any real reviews from real people that have driven them, in my head the 1.6 sounds the better option as the size of the car just cant see the smaller engine pulling well enough in them times when you need to put your foot down thanks for any help in advance
  3. Sound System Upgrade

    i would deffo think about upgrading your head unit as i very much doubt your ford one will have the the pre outs needed for connecting to the amp and besides that on the up side an aftermarket head unit will be amplified as well so will slightly improve the sound quality for your door speakers. one other thing to think about is you sound deadening as if your planning to put 2 subs in your boot (im guessing 12's the you wanna be sticking anything down that will vibrate cotton wool behind you number plate worked wonders for me and blue tac is another life saver when it comes to holding flimsy ford plastics in place. look forward to seeing any pics when you get it done
  4. Stuck For Colours

    i didnt mean paint them black lol unless you go that anthracite colour it have that dark grey colour your looking for and because of the paint type it creates its own shaddows that in turn creates a range of grey colours on the wheels
  5. NFS Shift

    the whole NFS range should have stopped at need for speed hot pursuit 2 the best game out of all of them if they could make a remake of hat but with forza 3 graphics.............. then THAT would be a game and a half
  6. Angle Eye's

    just a quick little post to get get everyones thoughts on angle eye headlights, im thinking of getting something like this for my 06 ZS (see image/link) any thoughts?
  7. Stuck For Colours

    im thinking that you should stay with the silver there are far too mny black rims out there now, i used to be a big fan of them until the boy racer sceen got hold of them (far too many tsw venoms painted Black) and overloaded the market, they used be something you never saw very often. but the choice is yours in the end. look forward to seeing some pics when your done.
  8. Current favourite game.

    im torn between AVP, MW2 and forza 3 oh and all on the 360 of course its the way forward!
  9. New To Foc

    Im in normanton nr wakefield its pretty small here and happy that ive not seen any more ZS's so least it stands out a bit from the norm
  10. food is Banned from the new car!!!

  11. New To Foc

    Hello all just a little hello to all members, enjoying day 2 of my new 06 fusta zetec s gonna give it a real spin this weekend around the roads of west yorkshire see you guys and girls out there
  12. Aux Port

    thanks buddy, as for pics well its gonna stay standard, but if you wanna see any pic of it i can put some up, it was a pretty good find its in panther black which as i understand is pretty hard to find in the zetec s and only has 25k on the clock from new straight from the ford dealer.
  13. Aux Port

    Just picked up my new 06 zetec s yesterday and noticed that it has an aux port next to the gear stick, well ust woundering what size connecting lead i needed for this? thanks in advance
  14. Where To Start

    after 2 yrs of being a focus driver im going back to a fiesta im picking up an 06 zetec s (its only done 25k miles from new so the engine is in perfect condition) next monday and wanted to get the best out of it so where to start? im not thinking of engine swops or anything like that but simple changes that can be made to improve the sound and overall performanc........ so any help would be brill many thanks
  15. I was woundering is it possible to connect a sub and amp to my factory fit head unit in my focus (1999 1.8lx) i have an pioneer head unit which i could use but this with not work with the multi changer and stearing wheel controls is there any way in which i can use the factory fit head unit any help inthis would be great thanks