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  1. Hi Guys Looking to get the eibach lowering springs but can anyone tell me an exact list of any other items I would need to buy. I currently have fitted 18inch RS alloys Thanks
  2. Radio Upgrade

    I got the D5162 it's great I love it really want to fit the 3G connection so can go on the internet :)
  3. Radio Upgrade

    See with Eonon it was a straight swap it's nice and secure took a bit to fit all the extra gadgets but looks great.
  4. Changing Interior Plastic Colour

    Awesome although I will probs do it wrong haha. I have an automatic one but would imagine it's still the same process?
  5. Changing Interior Plastic Colour

    Looking sweet :)))). There's a place that hydrodips in Elgin will need to go see him :). How easy is it to remove the rest of the console like the garage door and silver part that runs past the gear stick and handbrake?
  6. Aftermarket Custom Fit Stereo

    The Rookie Just checked the Sat Nav their my Eonon D5162 is running Kudos Navigator
  7. Evening :). I was thinking of buying a can of plasti dip and spraying all the silver plastic next to the handbrake and Stereo fascia to gloss red to match the rest of my red theme that I currently have. Has any body made any other colour changes to their interior?
  8. Aftermarket Custom Fit Stereo

    No sure it starts with K but forgot to check will try remember the morn to check :)
  9. Radio Upgrade

    Eonon 5162 buddy straight swap looks great and oem :)
  10. I use Mazzini low profile they are cheap but really grippy :)
  11. I use Mazzini low profile they are cheap but really grippy :)
  12. Aftermarket Custom Fit Stereo

    The Rookie It's a great stereo totally stable no issues what so ever it comes on when it should and goes off when you want it to. Touchscreen is like a dream and as I live in the highlands the weather can get pretty cold at times but I have noticed no difference in the touch screen or operation of the stereo. The steering when functions all work apart from the voice control as when you push it now nothing happens :(. The rear view camera I will be fitting at some point and will keep you updated on that. The Sat Nav software is good your right it's not Tom Tom it's another make beginning with K I think I will check when I go to work today but I read you can use Tom Tom maps. Bluetooth works great as it has also got its own microphone built in and you can play your music from your phone to the stereo which is handy :) Hope this helps like I say I will post the name of the Sat Nav software soon :)
  13. Aftermarket Custom Fit Stereo

    Yeah I think you can just a case of shopping around but I always just jump for the 1st one I see :')
  14. Aftermarket Custom Fit Stereo

    I would like it will be your birthday after all lol. Just be prepared to get hit with Custom Tax I did one month after I got the stereo :(
  15. Aftermarket Custom Fit Stereo

    I fitted a Eonon 5162 to my MK2.5 ZS it's great cause it's plug and play. It is a sat nav, TV, DVD, Internet the lot. Is near £300 but I would say worth it.