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  1. Is your system set to re-circulate cabin air? The manual says prolonged recirculation of air can cause the windows to fog up and make them difficult to clear.
  2. It's certainly easy to locate at busy car parks :-)
  3. That's what a mate of mine metioned, and the wheels were hard locked to the left. I shall keep the wheels straight next time i park :-)
  4. Yes I'll keep an eye. It wouldn't bother me but the manual says to disengage steering lock, depress the clutch or turn the key. Maybe the steering lock unlocks electronically normally, but the method I'm using is a sort of emergency manual unlock. I'll email the dealer. I never normally engage the steering lock - waste of time in this day and age I think. By the way just updated my profile, it's a brand new fiesta I'm having this issue with.
  5. Had a bit of a panic not long ago. Went down to move the car, put key in ignition but it wouldn't turn. Didn't seem broken, more like something was deliberately preventing it from turning. After pausing to think, I tried again, this time rocking the steering wheel slightly, I could feel a catch release and was able to turn the key and the wheel unlocked. It does seem a bit of a dark art and I'm wondering if something needs adjusting. I actually don't normally engage the steering lock, i must have done it unknowingly. The manual just says to unlock the steering, depress the clutch or turn the key.
  6. Mine was ordered on 10th July, built on 27th August. Was expected around 24th Sept but there was a delay at the docks as apparently the Ford Sync emergency assistance wasn't working properly. Came into the dealer on 16th Oct - due to be delivered to me on 24th Oct.
  7. That's good. When did you order it?
  8. I thought that was the whole point of EATC - set the temp and forget - unless that's what you meant :-)
  9. I've got a Zetec S on order, metalic paint, spare wheel, EATC, Auto Wipers/headlights, DAB sync, £13806 via a broker Mostly financed with a loan from my bank, so the for real price I need to add on just over £800 for cost of credit. Was ordered on 10th July so am not expecting it until end of Sept, also the factory is probably shut down now for its summer break.
  10. That's terrible luck. What sort of car park was it? Was it monitored by CCTV? If so maybe the owner may be willing to look at footage and see who did it.
  11. I shall certainly be able to find it in the Tesco car park :-)
  12. Zetec S., EATC, DAB/Sync, Auto headlamps and washers, Full size spare wheel, Hot Mustard £13806 brokered by OK feel free to say yuk about Hot Mustard, but I like it :-) Looking at mid September of course. When wil my dealer know about the build date?
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums aliturk :)

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      thanks, Steve :-)

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