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  1. Dropping Rear Door Windows

    Honestly, no. I haven't had this problem at all. Mine stay rock solid no matter how far. Probably haven't rolled mine down in 5k miles and they haven't moved at all. Are they electric or manual windows?
  2. ..

    My apologies for taking so long to upload, been a busy week but here t is from the manual. Sent from my iPhone 6 using Ford OC mobile app
  3. ..

    If you have two keys, yes. Ford stopped supplying red keys after the 1998 model year. There's a how to in the manual, If you don't have yours I'll post a pic of mine when I go out later. Sent from my iPhone 6 using Ford OC mobile app
  4. ..

    Get two done. If you have two keys you can code your own, then you can have a basic key cut, code it yourself and have three for if you lose one (or more). Since my car came with two, It made sense. Why are you changing the locks on your car also? Sent from my iPhone 6 using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Orange St Recaros

    Autoglym interior shampoo? I think it's pretty good, and should be gentle on the seat and such.
  6. £500 this year. That's with 20k per year mileage, european cover and legal cover. So not bad at all I think. Fortunately I live in a 0 crime postcode, so that helps my insurance. I have had my license for a year and have 1 year NCB. Come summer time It'll be an ST150 for me!
  7. ..

    Why not have a new transponder coded up from a specialist that does these things? The thing I would say is the ECU swap could result in mileage errors or other issues. But I am no expert really.
  8. How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    Get a Mk5. Mine mists up the outside of the windscreen when it's been on for a while. Sent from my iPhone 6 using Ford OC mobile app
  9. How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    Better interior options. The mk5 had the old person beige options, the mk6 had different dash colours as did the mk7, but with the facelift there is only interior differences is on the white and red Zetec S. Xenon headlights, yes but they're difficult to engineer into the car as a low cost option. I imagine they'll be in the next generation fiesta, or LED headlamps. A 5dr ST also, since 5 door small hatches are really useful.
  10. Ford Fiesta 2001 Engine Management Light Just Came On :(

    That is one of the most common causes of the CEL. Glad it was a simple fix, though.
  11. Recently Bought A 07 Zetec 1.4 Climate

    One thing to add- for the central locking, just push the door handle into the door and it will lock them all. The drivers or passengers will activate the central locking this way. Also there is no issue with the gearbox. It's a common thing with the IB5 transaxle as there's no synchromesh on reverse.. Just select neural, lift the clutch, put the cluch in and go for reverse again. The steering on the fiesta is heavier than the Clio and hydraulically assisted, not electrically. Everything else is subective really. I prefer how the fez drives to a clio and driving them back to back the fiesta is a better handling car to me. Have an alignment done and check the tyre pressures also, that could be the reason for the tramlining.
  12. 55 Fiesta Mk6 1.25 Stalling

    Are the plugs gapped correctly? Battery? Anything like that? How are the plug leads? Fuel filter?
  13. She'll V Power Unleaded

    I use supermarket fuel usually, with shell or BP fancy every so often. I even spoke to my mechanic about it. He would recommend a bottle of fuel cleaner every so often, even if premium fuel is used. My mum's '03 X5 has been run since it was brand new on supermarket fuel and has nearly 190,000 miles on it now... We use Sainsburys or BP though, just for the Nectar points.
  14. Uk Wide Meets?

    Fiesta in the Park? The cancelled the show in 2014, due to making a loss in '12 and '13 but could be back with one in '14. If I'm not at work I may head over. There's things like Ford Fair also. They tend to be Ford related, with a Fiesta sub-section.
  15. St150 Bluefin Remap?

    An N/A engine is naturally aspirated. As in the engine just sucks in air. Forced indiction would be like a Turbo, supercharger or both. With a forced induction engine they can be re-mapped easily to increase the boost from the turbo/supercharger, but Naturally aspirated engines can't.