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  1. Mk7 St2 Mods

    yeah the splitter caught it, i once hit a speed bump at 30 not seeing it and it scuffed the back box but nothing serious! but i think the aftermarket exhaust i had was deeper than standard so i don't think you'll have issues with that. dropping it 20mm IMO would be a waste of time as you wouldn't notice the difference (i may be wrong)
  2. Mk7 St2 Mods

    <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.finsport-shop.co.uk/en/product/hr-springs---st180/%20these%20were%20the%20springs%20i%20purchased%20it%20says%2030/35mm%20but%20we%20tape%20measured%20standard%20on%20a%20flat%20surface%20and%20it%20had%20drop%20around%2040mm,%20they%20were%20brilliant%20on%20handling,%20not%20so%20good%20for%20speed%20bumps%20as%20my%20house%20is%20surrounded%20by%20them%20and%20driving%20over%20them%20at%203-4mph%20i%20still%20scuffed%20the%20splitter,%20daily%20drive%20was%20fine%20just%20much%20stiffer%20but%20i%20could%20live%20with%20that!%20i" href="http://www.finsport-shop.co.uk/en/product/hr-springs---st180/%20these%20were%20the%20springs%20i%20purchased%20it%20says%2030/35mm%20but%20we%20tape%20measured%20standard%20on%20a%20flat%20surface%20and%20it%20had%20drop%20around%2040mm,%20they%20were%20brilliant%20on%20handling,%20not%20so%20good%20for%20speed%20bumps%20as%20my%20house%20is%20surrounded%20by%20them%20and%20driving%20over%20them%20at%203-4mph%20i%20still%20scuffed%20the%20splitter,%20daily%20drive%20was%20fine%20just%20much%20stiffer%20but%20i%20could%20live%20with%20that!%20i" d%20say%20go%20for%20it%20changes%20the%20styling%20of%20the%20car!"="">http://www.finsport-shop.co.uk/en/product/hr-springs---st180/ these were the springs i purchased it says 30/35mm but we tape measured standard on a flat surface and it had drop around 40mm, they were brilliant on handling, not so good for speed bumps as my house is surrounded by them and driving over them at 3-4mph i still scuffed the splitter, daily drive was fine just much stiffer but i could live with that! i'd say go for it changes the styling of the car!
  3. Mk7 St2 Mods

    it's a big shame going to miss it, but hey its a free car means no out goings :), so i will finally be able to get a Japanese machine with a massive turbo haha :) but you never know i might shelve that idea if ford decided to make a really nice fiesta RS ha! ha no worries matey, not completely lost we have a ford ranger but no planning on doing anything with that haha
  4. Mk7 St2 Mods

    Well due to my position in the family business changing, ST is going and company car is on the way, and sorry to say this but its a Vauxhall Astra GTC SRI 2.0l Diesel (GUTTED) but better on fuel and its a free car! when funds pick up again I'll be going Japanese for a full re-build, either a Supra or Skyline!. More than likely in the future i will be back in a blue oval as they have been fantastic cars to own. I will still be on the forum snooping around. Cheers
  5. Fiesta ST-2 - Roxanne

    My New Toy Officially named: Roxanne
  6. Fog light inserts first: Now lower grille: Just make sure you don't yank it, nice slow pulls and you should be fine :) Welshy_Maverick. This thread is dedicated to you :P
  7. Looking good :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Mk7 St2 Mods

    thanks man :)
  9. (Un)Official Ford Meet.....east England

    bit cold now for the east coast ha!
  10. Mk7 St2 Mods

    Yeah very i was expecting atleast two weeks!, no worries matey :)
  11. Mk7 St2 Mods

    Hey I went to Finsport, but if you private message triple r on Facebook they will tell you what to paypal and all other details. I paid 97 for the splitter and the turn around was 2 working days (ordered on a Saturday and received on Tuesday) Thanks buddy Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  12. Mk7 St2 Mods

    Thanks matey :) Tracking has been done and it was spot on :) It has settled a bit more just keeps getting lower ha :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  13. Mk7 St2 Mods

    YES I KNOW THE CAR NEEDS A WASH HA! So today has been a very productive day, finally got round to having the springs fitted and the triple R splitter (had help) Before: During: Then the splitter: After: Fitting the splitter is easier if you have axel stands and a jack, but the car on the axel stand and offer the splitter up using the jack and then drill (easy)
  14. Mk7 St2 Mods

    So parcels arrived today Springs should be fitted this weekend And the splitter was going to be tonight but they forgot to put the fixings in the package so they will be with me Thursday :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app