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  1. Hi everyone Can anyone help as our galaxy is refusing to start. Drove fine on friday. Went to start it on sunday morning and fired up and ticked over for a matter of seconds and then died.Restarted it and just did the same and now refuses to start. So far we have checked the following: Petrol,Oil number 30 Relay (tested it switch inside was working fine) Checked all hoses for splits and no splits were found We have tried to start the car today with the jump leads and heard a rapid beeping noise along with a sucking noise from underneath the car. We've only owned the car 6months and has 99k miles on the clock and we've only covered around 5k miles since it was baught Has anyone else had this problem? and can anyone help? Thanks in advance :)
  2. hi me and my freinds are wanting to have a meet so if anyone in west yorkshire want to meet,wakefield if you want to come out for a general ride out and chat etc then we will be at the mcdonalds carpark oposite morrisons it is on dewsbury road,wakefield. So if anyone just wants to come along its just a general meet to chat and go for a sunday drive around if you would like to come along, , we will be at mcdonalds for around 7 oclock any problems etc please call me on: 07599803742 my names rob. just incase anyone gets lost anywhere lol thanks Rob:)

    done a little more research - if i modifiy the gerar ratios in the 5 speed sierra gearbox to get it to do 60mph in 1st it will crack 160mph by 4th gear! as i have just spoken to a gearbox specialist who builds boxes for a living ! oohh!! also the suzuki sj running gear 4wd system can be made to fit in to the ford ka so- acceleration will be mad!- it should shift!!!- and also the supercharger i was planning on using wouldnt fit because of the room left for the oil feet to the charger itself would be in the way so its either a supercharger or no brakes lol- but i could fit a t2 garret turbo ! but i will have to modifiy the original bonnet some what - make a buldge in it somewhere for it to fit. rob

    more than likely - need to gather the parts n a few more funds- ile let you know when te work begins!!!

    yes i read about the 4x4 cosworth ka - the last i heard was that it just wouldnt work properly without extensive mods to the engine bay then strenthening the front end..... but that was a while ago tho

    yeh i sure will it will be a while before its done tho - also ive the seen the black ka its on my ka.org did that ever get finished?? when i saw the fotos of the work he had done - fitting it and moding the dash etc i thought if it works he might as well fit wings to the side an claim it a plane! lol rob
  7. hi all i have just thought of a really mad idea that could possibly work- well..... get a standard 1300 ford ka remove the 1300 lump replace with an 1800zetec - mondeo engine-with a port and polished head- and i high lift road cam - then get a gearbox from a sierra(if this will work on the 1800 engine- then get the sierra prop shaft get it cut down and get a 105-100e rear axle and diff so it will be rwd!- well more power? well thinking about it there will be no where near enuff room for a turbo of a descent size so do you either make a cut out on the bonnet for the turbo(bad idea as it will nack up in no time) or do you get a supercharged!- -with a striaght through pipe fitted into either a 3" round cherry bomber exhaust or a 3" round peter lloyd rally exhaust now the bodywork--- spray panther black- imperial blue or frozen white with the rally arche extensions then with the 10mm wheel adapters then fit the rs 7 spoke brookland capri alloys then lower it 1-2mm or as much as possible with out it looking daft or without cuasing probs- then wilwood 4 pot calipers with greenstuffs brake pads ,discs at the rear (find a way of fitting them)with bmw 3 series brake disc ,grooved and drilled discs all round- then buy the reaco seats from a rover 800 vittese and have them re-covered in black leather with coloured piping to match the car- with the ford bad embossed into the head rest or have the ford badge sewn in- with KA at the top of the seat then reacro just under that in little fancy italics writing- then rear seats- take out the originals get the foam reshaped on the bottom and the back so they have a slight smooth curve- then get them recovered to match the front seats with head rests mounted in the back-door cards and the rear door cards- have these made from mdf- covered with black vinyl- have some 12x9's fitted with a good sound system fitted- then have a cat 1 alarm n imobiliser fitted obviously there is a few things i have missed out as it would take too long to say this is just the creation in motion rob
  8. hi all i am thinking about fitting the fiesta si "winged back" front seats in an s reg ford ka and getting black leather rear seats and door cards with black carpet but the dash is also blue! so is there any chance the newer dashes the more squared type eg 04-05-06 dashes fit also if the dash had a rev counter and my base model dosent is if the new dash comes with a rev counter is there anyway of making the rev counter work ? rob untitled.bmp