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  1. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    There beautiful what a collection hats off to you and many congrats !
  2. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi Doug how's you did you get the new diesel?
  3. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    No probs pm replied thanks
  4. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi Doug did u get my message ?
  5. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi Doug thanks I've just joined that group is that via Facebook? Can u pm your number will have a chat about my escort thanks
  6. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    It's going to be sad to let My diesel go soon, we sold our other escort, that was clean car aswell escort eclipse (Mrs car)
  7. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    My rare two door 1.8d 3 door and very last one made h reg
  8. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    How do u put pictures on here through photobuket?
  9. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi thanks for reply yes am on Facebook who's this chap ? Mine has a black spoiler too
  10. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi how's you have t been on here for a bit, would you know where I could get hold of header tank and air box for my escort mk4 diesel? It's 1.8 diesel I can't seem to find any please let me know if you come across any? Thank you.
  11. Think There Needs To Be An Escort Meet

    I want to show my rare escort mk4 diesel 1.8
  12. HI some pictures of my mint eclipse,with all paperwork from new (one owner car, 80,000) full history etc ! going on ebay very soon.
  13. Your spot on, the diesel is very good to drive ohh gosh, I was telling one of my mate, the drive and smoothness is bang on! Ive owned escort van diesel before but driving a mark 4 diesel and 1.8 very fast. Yes very rare 1.8 diesel mk4 escort they made, I saw a advert via classic website going back 3 months ago a four door on f reg, 1.8d mk4 escort For sale, but two door I must be lucky enough to own one quite rare, I went to ford and also did a vin check and filled the v888 form?? This was years ago, and all details came correct and showed its a genuine car. I like your car nice colour aswell. I have a collection of cars will try putting them up soon