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  1. Cdti Unable To Start After Rebuild

    Costs for the job worked out at: Secondhand Cam Cover £14.00 * Head Gasket Set £37.75* Cam Belt Kit £44.98 * Inlet & Exhaust Valves £19.92 * Stretch Bolts £24.50 * Fuel Filter, Injector Clean and Re-Programme £149.82 2 Shims £16.78 Total £307.75 -----Original Message-----
  2. Cdti Unable To Start After Rebuild

    After cleaning and re-setting the injectors we had the car running but popping through the inlet manifold. Finally got to the bottom of the problem........ The two new valves I had installed left the gap too tight on the tappets causing the valves to pass. I have ordered two new shims to re-set the clearances - a factory order - so we should be finally running again later in the week.
  3. Cdti Unable To Start After Rebuild

    Hi, The diagnostics indicated a catastrophic failure of the fuel pump, I have contacted a diesel injection specialist who has asked me to bring in the injectors so they can test them. They said the pump is likely to be OK but the ECU may have lost contact with them, also it is very easy to contaminated the injectors despite covering each one and all the broken connections with fingers from poly gloves. So we are first cleaning and testing the injectors to make sure they haven't become contaminated during the engine rebuild and then remapping the engine management system to get it talking to itself. I'll keep you posted...............
  4. Cdti Unable To Start After Rebuild

    Thanks for that, I will have a go and let you know how we get on.
  5. Cdti Unable To Start After Rebuild

    Thanks for that, I haven't done a leak off test as I don't have the equipement, but don't understand why the ECU would be damaged when the cambelt failed.
  6. I recently had a cam belt go on a 2002 1.8 cdti 115ps. I took off the head and replaced two valves and rebuilt the engine. I can't get the engine to start. I have sprayed easy start into the air intake and the engine started so I am guessing that the engine is ok, I suspect the electronic injectors are not delivering fuel into the cylinders. Is this something that needs re-setting electronically? Could the ECU be in some sort of failure mode following the cambelt failure? Any ideas appreciated!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums BobPed :)