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  1. Thank you for the reply. Do you have a link to which kit I would need so I can see and buy
  2. I just bought a cmax LX 07 and the standard car stereo has the AUX button but I can not find the jack point anywhere can someone tell me where it is do I can plug my iPod in?
  3. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    Ant idea on costs of repair?
  4. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    I do not get paid till mid July will it last me??? It's not yet overheated and its only losing a very small amount over a week
  5. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    What's average price to have a pump changed at a garage?
  6. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    Will it last 3 more weeks???
  7. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    Could it be I am filling my water over the max line in the header tank?
  8. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    Mine seems to leak when it is really cold eg over the weekend when am not driving it a lot
  9. My Ford Focus Is Leaking Water??

    Did you repair it???
  10. I have a ford focus 02 plate and noticed a water mark on the road on a Monday morning I looked in the header tank and its gone down a small amount so topped up to max line it's been fine for a week now it's leaking again on a small amount onto the road over night. I can not see anything in the engine but on the road the mark is if am looking at the engine middlish and to the right what could it be and how much to repair??
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Jlgj2011 :)