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  1. Do you have a link for that page? I really appreciate your help
  2. Thanks, so the key can't be programmed by myself if I transfer the old blade to the new key? That's why it really would've been helpful if I just get the key open and put my own transponder into it. Does anyone know how to open these keys? Or if they actually do open?
  3. If I put my blade into it, do you know how to set it up with my car?
  4. I have tried to open the key for hours with a flat blade screwdriver but all I've done is scratched it and damaged it, it seems like it's not meant to be opened its so stiff, the battery part opened really easily
  5. Wow I feel really stupid now, thanks. But do you know if there's a way I can actually open the plastic part to get the transponder out? Otherwise if I just put my blade into the new key, I will have to link the key to my car and I don't know how to do that
  6. I can't actually open the plastic part to get the blade out, that's the problem I'm having
  7. I have just bought a 2nd hand key with the transponder and circuit board inside, and want to take out my transponder and blade and circuit board out of my one and put it in the one I bought becuase I dropped my original key and it cracked on side, does anyone know how to get the blade part open? I got the battery side opened but can't seem to get the blade part opened I have attached a picture of the key style I have
  8. I'm in Rochester, I don't have access to a code reader
  9. Even when I press set nothing happens. The on button that I was talking about has the cruise control icon on it, so I'm pretty sure that's what I'm meant to press 1st
  10. I don't press set, I press the on button which is on the left side of the steering wheel, and after pressing that very rarely I get a message about "CC is in standby" but it goes after 1 second, but I've never actually got the CC to work
  11. Update: I swapped out the brighter bulb with a spare, and the error on the dash disappeared :-) so I guess it's not meant to be that bright and the bulb that the previous owner put in it must have been the wrong one. But the cruise control still isn't working :-(
  12. As you can see in one of the pics the 3 lines are visible (they look yellow I know but are red in reality, the camera is showing them to be yellow) and in the other side you can't really see the lines, but if I swap the bulbs over the problem follows the bulbs. And I'm getting a bulb out warning in the dash that doesn't go
  13. They are not leds, they are just normal bulbs, but the light cluster has 3 lines on it which make them look like leds, and one side lights up but the other side don't which was showing me that bulb was dim on that side. I really don't know what to try now
  14. Well that site tells me it's a 382 single filament but the halfords site says it's a 380, and the bulbs that were fitting to the car were 380 I think, but it's really weird that only one of the bulbs work properly no matter what side you put it in. What's a PCB issue? Well in my Audi Q7 you have to be going at least 30mph so I've been driving at 65 70mph and been driving at that speed for a good few miles, I basically drive 35 miles to work and keep trying whilst driving. I heard there's a button you have press to reset the cruise control, and I also read elsewhere that the cruise control may not work if the brake lights are not fully working, are either of those true?