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  1. Hesitation, Mil, Smoke.....

    Thanks for the information! Just to add, I have read the fault code tonight and it is P2002 which appears to be the DPF is not working effeciently. I guess I need to try cleaning it out with a long high rev run to start, but if that doesn't solve it I guess a new DPF is required? Is that right? Think it will be going straight back to the seller before I shell out for a new DPF if that is the case! Thanks
  2. We've recently picked up a 2005 1.6 TDCI on 90K and while it performed fine on the test drive it now seems to be throwing up a few problems. It seems to hesitate or stumble at lowish revs when maintaining speed, occasionally smokes heavily on over-run and after a longish journey the MIL came on but switched itself off over night. The MPG doesn't seem great either, its used 1/8th of a tank to do 30 miles today, mostly "A-road" 50-60mph driving with only 1 or 2 miles in town. The wife is also complaining that it stinks of soot. I have a fault code reader coming in the post so I'll see what that comes up with, but can anyone throw any light on the issues? Seems to be talk of DPF Regeneration/fluid, EGR Valves, oil catch tanks, injectors, turbos and just about every other part of the fueling/exhaust system and I'm not quite sure where to start looking! We bouhgt it from a used car dealership (the ropiest dealer I have ever bought a car from, I must admit) and used a credit card to pay for it. But I don't really want to go down the taking it back/fighting with the seller if it's a cheap or simple enough fix. Looking forward to the replies - thanks!
  3. Hi - New Owner

    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Hi - New Owner

    Just posting to say Hi - my wife and I have just bought an 05 1.6 TDCI Mk2 Estate as a baby wagon and decided to join this forum as it seems the most active with the most helpful members in the technical posts I've looked at. So, Hi :D
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums J@mes :)